70.3 in March and Comrades - no problem

On this edition of the Ask Coach Parry podcast, I’m Brad Brown and today’s question comes through from Craig and it’s a Comrades combined with IronMan question for Lindsey. Craig wanted to know; he’s doing a lot of IronMan training and needs to keep that up. He’s entered a half in March 2016, I love this, he’s planning ahead. He wants to know, is doing a half IronMan in March 2016 too close to Comrades? Plus can he incorporate his swimming, riding and running into the Comrades training program, what would you suggest? Finally when would you seriously start training for Comrades in the build up to 2016, and he’s asking where can he get a program from for first timers. He has done the Two Oceans, so he’s no novice to running, but he’s thinking of making the step up to Comrades next year.