How to set about pace planning for Comrades

On this edition of the Ask Coach Parry podcast, a couple of interesting questions have come through, regarding Comrades Marathon pacing. We’ve been chatting quite a bit about tapering and what people should be doing, but obviously a lot of people looking ahead towards race day and what they should be doing as far as race day management goes.

The first one came through from Bruce Griffiths and he wanted to know the best settings for monitoring target pace on your watch. Should you be keeping an eye on your current pace, the pace you’re running at at the time or should you look at your average pace?

Another question in from Jerome Reed, he said he’s looking for an Up run calculator to work out splits at certain distances, he said not the ones you buy at the Expo as those don’t take into account that you tire and your pace slows. I know you’ve got a lot to say about pacing charts because your pacing charts are the ones that are for sale at the Expo, what advice could you give Bruce with regards to pacing and Jerome with regards to those pacing charts?