How to plan around your Comrades seeding batch

On this edition of the Ask Coach Parry Podcast we look at how to make sure you run your race, no matter what seeding group you are in. Lindsey, great question from Dave Wood and I want to add my five cents worth at the end of it too but Dave said he qualified for Comrades with a 3:30 marathon which gets him that C seeding. He says generally he runs in the 3:20 to 3:40 range. He had originally been looking to go for a sub-9:30 hour finish at Comrades, although, he's been battling with various illnesses and subsequent lack of training.

He's now just looking for a finish. So, he's probably go off a lot slower than the rest of the guys who will be starting in that C seeding batch. He said, am I not going to deliberately get in the way if he starts toward the front but is it a possibility that he could, if he does start in the front because he's going to be going a lot slower?

Equally, he doesn't want to start at the back of the group if he's going to lose vital minutes that he'll need later. So, his question is this, how much time is he going to lose by starting at the back of Group C to be out of the way rather than towards the front and the wider question for everyone else's benefit is, how much time out of the 12 hours do you lose by starting in each of the seeding batches?