Marathons and Ultras - How many is enough for Comrades?

On this episode of Ask Coach Parry we chat about how many marathons and ultra-marathons are enough in the build up to running your first Comrades Marathon. Kate submitted her question and it went something like this: started running in August 2014 and did 700km from August to December.

So far this year have done 650km from January, this is going to be her first Comrades. She said she ran her first ever marathon in East London at the Buff. She did a 4:26 and did the Long Tom in 6:35, planning on running the RAC60 as well as the Wally Haywood Marathon on the 1st of May.

Are 2 marathons and 2 Ultras enough and what sort of time can I aim for at Comrades? I wish for a sub 11 Comrades Marathon but I'm petrified because I've been a supporter at the 9 of the 10 Comrades that her dad ran and she knows how tough this race is, would appreciate any advice. Lindsey, what's the take? Is 2 ultras, two marathons enough?