Awe and Wonder

22.05.24 Pt 1 - Jack shares some ideas about crime, which leads to a death penalty debate. Prof. David Block joins the team to uncover some mysteries of the universe.
22 May 2AM English Explicit South Africa Society & Culture · News

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No Free Lunch

21.06.24 Pt 2 - The team revisits the Madeleine McCann story. Is the East Rand the best place to disappear in SA? And DJ Warras pops in for a chat about GILFs, gangs, muti and more.
21 Jun 3AM 1 hr 02 min

Orderly Drunkenness

21.06.24 Pt 1 - Simphiwe is amused by Putin’s visit to North Korea. Plus… drinking in Miami, the Renaldo Gouws debacle, funny undies, and some sport from Ben.
21 Jun 3AM 50 min

Little Cup o’ Violence

19.06.24 Pt 1 - Gareth and Jack get straight into some politics - and Helen Zille’s haircut. Plus… a potential cancer vaccine, sticky protests, AI mishaps, and an interesting way to get a TV and other appliances with Teljoy.
19 Jun 2AM 57 min

Nuclear Power to the People

19.06.24 Pt 2 - Justin Timberlake’s DUI gets the team talking about drug tests. Does restorative justice work? Roman Cabanac joins the team to chat about his recent trip to Russia and his thoughts on the GNU.
19 Jun 2AM 59 min

The Johann Hari Interview

In his latest book, Magic Pill, bestselling author Johann Hari takes a revelatory look at the new drugs transforming weight loss as we know it – sharing his personal experience on Ozempic, and examining our ability to heal society’s dysfunctional relationship with food, weight and our bodies. He speaks to…
17 Jun 12AM 54 min