20th February 2024 "The Mission Unveiled: Making Disciples Through the Gospel" Theology Tuesday

Podcast Episode Title: "The Mission Unveiled: Making Disciples Through the Gospel"
Welcome to another enlightening Theology Tuesday with Rocky Stevenson Pastor of Benoni Bible Church as we unpack the profound mission of the Church outlined in our 2017 Statement of Faith. This episode delves into the heart of our faith, exploring the call to make disciples of all people groups through the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Join us in understanding the core of our mission, grounded in the Great Commission from Matthew 28:19-20. The truth of the Gospel, the establishment of local churches, adherence to the Scriptures, walking in the shadow of the Cross, and operating in the power of the resurrection are key elements we explore. As we reflect on this divine calling, may it inspire and challenge us to carry out the mission with a deep understanding of the Gospel's truth and a commitment to establishing communities of faith. Thank you for joining us on this Theology Tuesday – may the mission of God continue to shape our lives, our Church, and our world. #MissionofGod #MakingDisciples #GospelTruth #TheologyTuesday #GreatCommission #ScriptureInspiration #ChurchMission #ChristianPodcast #FaithReflection #DivineCalling #TheologicalExploration #GospelTransformation
20 Feb 1AM English South Africa Religion & Spirituality · Christianity

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