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Let's Talk is a daily radio program hosted by Rocky Stevenson, pastor of Benoni Bible Church. It covers various engaging topics with a unique focus each day. Memorable Mondays explore significant church history, while Theology Tuesdays cover key theological themes. Wisdom Wednesdays showcase wisdom literature in the Bible. Technical Thursdays examine hermeneutics and Bible interpretation, and Fantastic Fridays celebrate inspiring hymn writers. This program aims to provide brief, thought-provoking discussions that stimulate conversations around biblical thoughts, Proverbs 2:6 ”For Yahweh gives wisdom; From His mouth come knowledge and discernment.”
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27 th September 2023 Peace in God's Word Wisdom Wednesday

Finding Peace in God's Word Description: Discover the timeless wisdom of Psalm 119:161-168 in a new Wisdom Wednesday episode here on Radio Pulpit with Rocky Stevenson Pastor of Benoni Bible Church. Explore the psalmist's unwavering commitment to God's Word amidst unjust persecution. Dive into the value of Scripture, where God's…
27 Sep 2AM 13 min

26 th September 2023 The Transformative Power of the Holy Spirit Theology Tuesday

The Transformative Power of the Holy Spirit Description: Welcome to Theology Tuesday on Radio pulpit with your host Rocky Stevenson Pastor of Benoni Bible Church. Uncover the profound ways the Holy Spirit shapes your faith. From infusing God's love into your heart to aiding your prayers and emboldening your witness,…
26 Sep 2AM 12 min

20th September 2023 "Exploring Psalm 119 - Resh" Wisdom Wednesday

"Exploring Psalm 119 - Resh" Description: Welcome to "Let's Talk," on Radio Pulpit with Pastor Rocky Stevenson on this Wisdom Wednesday as we delve into the depths of Psalm 119:153-160, a passage that celebrates devotion to God's Word. Explore the profound insights within this section of Psalm 119, from seeking…
20 Sep 2AM 10 min

19th September 2023 "Exploring the Holy Spirit's Work" Theology Tuesday

: "Exploring the Holy Spirit's Work" Description: Welcome to "Let's Talk," on Radio Pulpit. Join Pastor Rocky Stevenson from Benoni Bible Church on this Theology Tuesday as we dive deep into our statement of faith, uncovering the profound work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of believers. Explore how…
19 Sep 2AM 10 min

5th September 2023 : Empowered by the Spirit. Theology Tuesday

: Empowered by the Spirit. Welcome to this Theology Tuesday, where Pastor Rocky Stevenson delves deep into the profound truths of the Holy Spirit as outlined in the 2017 Statement of Faith. Embark on a journey of understanding as we explore the third person of the Holy Trinity, the Holy…
5 Sep 2AM 12 min

31st August 2023 Unveiling Textual Criticism's Rich Tapestry Technical Thursday

Unveiling Textual Criticism's Rich Tapestry Join Pastor Rocky Stevenson of Benoni Bible Church for a captivating episode of Technical Thursday. In this instalment, delve into the intriguing world of textual criticism—a discipline that safeguards the integrity of God's Word throughout history. Pastor Rocky explores the evolution of this field, from…
31 Aug 2AM 13 min
1 – 20