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Let's Talk is a daily radio program hosted by Rocky Stevenson, pastor of Benoni Bible Church. It covers various engaging topics with a unique focus each day. Memorable Mondays explore significant church history, while Theology Tuesdays cover key theological themes. Wisdom Wednesdays showcase wisdom literature in the Bible. Technical Thursdays examine hermeneutics and Bible interpretation, and Fantastic Fridays celebrate inspiring hymn writers. This program aims to provide brief, thought-provoking discussions that stimulate conversations around biblical thoughts, Proverbs 2:6 ”For Yahweh gives wisdom; From His mouth come knowledge and discernment.”
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19TH February 2024 " The Sack of Rome (410 AD)" Memorable Monday

" The Sack of Rome (410 AD)" Embark on a captivating journey through history in this Memorable Monday episode as we unravel the profound biblical significance of the Sack of Rome in 410 AD by the Visigoths. Delve into the roots of Rome's decline, exploring moral decay and divine judgment…
19 Feb 1AM 13 min

16th February Catherine Winkworth's legacy of translating faith Fabulous Friday

"Catherine Winkworth's Legacy of Translating Faith" In this episode, join us on a journey into the world of hymnody as we uncover the profound legacy of Catherine Winkworth, a luminary in hymn translation. Born in 1827, Winkworth bridged linguistic gaps by bringing the treasures of German hymnody to English speakers…
16 Feb 1AM 13 min

15th February 2024 Navigating Life's Crossroads Technical Thursday

" Navigating Life's Crossroads" Join Rocky Stevenson pastor of Benoni Bible Church on this enlightening episode of Technical Thursday as he explores the intricate intersection of logic and Scripture in decision-making. Foundational truths from Proverbs 3:5-6 guide us to trust in God's sovereignty and lean not on our understanding. Practical…
15 Feb 1AM 12 min

14th February 2024 Work diligence and Laziness Wisdom Wednesday

: "Work, Diligence, and Laziness" Embark on a wisdom-filled journey this Wisdom Wednesday with Rocky Stevenson as he unravels timeless insights from Proverbs. From the industrious ants teaching the value of hard work (Proverbs 6:6-11) to the New Testament's call to work as unto the Lord (Colossians 3:23-24), and the…
14 Feb 1AM 13 min

12th Februaru 2024 "Augustine of Hippo" Memorable Monday

"Augustine of Hippo" Description: Join Rocky Stevenson pastor of Benoni Bible Church on Memorable Monday as we embark on a fascinating journey to explore the life and influence of Augustine of Hippo. Born in 354 AD, Augustine's story is one of grace, intellectual pursuit, and spiritual transformation. Grounded in Ephesians…
12 Feb 1AM 12 min

8th February 2024 "Syllogisms and Evangelism" Technical Thursday

"Syllogisms and Evangelism" Description: Join Rocky Stevenson on this captivating episode of Technical Thursday on Radio Pulpit as we move beyond the theoretical exploration of logic and delve into its practical application, especially in the realm of evangelism and apologetics. Syllogisms, often seen as intellectual exercises, become powerful tools when…
8 Feb 1AM 14 min

2nd February 2024 "The Courageous Journey of James, Brother of Peter Fabulous Friday

"The Courageous Journey of James, Brother of Peter" Description: Join Pastor Rocky Stevenson on this Fantastic Friday as we delve into the annals of Christian history, uncovering the remarkable life and martyrdom of James, the brother of Peter. Walk alongside James in the dusty paths of Jerusalem, witnessing his profound…
2 Feb 1AM 10 min

1st February 2024 "Constructing Syllogisms for Deeper Understanding" Technical Thursday

: "Constructing Syllogisms for Deeper Understanding" Description: Embark on a journey of logical exploration with Rocky Stevenson Pastor of Benoni Bible Church on Technical Thursday. In this episode, learn the art of constructing syllogisms as a powerful tool for deeper study and engaging conversations about your faith. Discover practical applications,…
1 Feb 1AM 12 min

31st January 2024 "Wisdom from Proverbs on Friendships" Wisdom Wednesday

: "Wisdom from Proverbs on Friendships" Join Pastor Rocky Stevenson on Wisdom Wednesday as we embark on a heartfelt exploration of Proverbs, uncovering timeless wisdom on friendships and relationships. Delve into the profound truths of Proverbs 17:17 and 27:9, discovering the essence of genuine friendship—a love that endures through joys…
31 Jan 1AM 12 min

30th January 2024 "Understanding the Ordinances of Christ" Theology Tuesday

"Understanding the Ordinances of Christ" Join Rocky Stevenson pastor of Benoni Bible Church on Theology Tuesday as we unravel the profound significance of the ordinances appointed by our Lord Jesus Christ—Baptism and the Lord's Supper. Explore the theological foundations rooted in Scripture, emphasizing the intentional discipleship journey encapsulated in Baptism…
30 Jan 1AM 13 min

26th January 2024 "Legacy of Sacrifice: Jim Elliot's Journey" Fabulous Friday

: "Legacy of Sacrifice: Jim Elliot's Journey" Description: Join Pastor Rocky Stevenson on Fantastic Friday as we delve into the inspiring story of a modern-day martyr—Jim Elliot. Born in 1927, Jim's unwavering commitment to sharing the Gospel led him to the jungles of Ecuador, where he faced the ultimate test…
26 Jan 1AM 10 min

25th January 2024 Syllogisms Unveiled" Thecnical Thursday

: Syllogisms Unveiled" Join Rocky Stevenson pastor of Benoni Bible Church on Technical Thursday as he unravels the intricate world of logic from a biblical perspective. In this episode, "Biblical Syllogisms: Examples and Analysis," Rocky delves into the structured and systematic reasoning found within the Bible. Explore specific examples, such…
25 Jan 1AM 13 min

24th January 2024 "The Art of Taming the Tongue" Wisdom Wednesday

"The Art of Taming the Tongue" Description: Join Pastor Rocky Stevenson on Wisdom Wednesday as he unravels the profound wisdom from Proverbs and the New Testament, exploring the power of our words and how our speech can honour God. Delve into practical insights on taming the tongue in daily life,…
24 Jan 1AM 13 min
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