The ‘Future Classics’ Episode

This week on The AutoTrader Podcast, SA’s No.1 motoring podcast, two fresh hosts in the form of Taye and Ryno chat about two recent model launches - the Ford Puma as well as the Honda Fit Hybrid. The lads also predict a few future classics and what makes a car “a classic”. Finally, they give some invaluable tips on the best way to sell your car.
5 Feb English South Africa Automotive · Technology

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The ‘Investment’ Episode

This week on South Africa's top motoring podcast, Wandi is deep in conversation with Ryno as they unpack a fresh box of GWM Tank, P-Series and Haval products that have recently arrived, or are about to. Ryno and Wandi explain the difference between power and torque, and finally, the duo…
8 Apr 30 min

The ‘Down-Under’ Episode

This week, dive into an electrifying episode of South Africa’s no.1 Motoring Podcast, where Wandile Sishi is joined by Sean Nurse to ignite the airwaves. Join them as they delve into the latest 'Hot or Not' trends, and share exhilarating tales from Sean’s recent adventure in the GR Cup race…
25 Mar 29 min

The ‘Mo-Money’ Episode

This week, buckle up for a high-octane episode of South Africa’s No.1 Motoring Podcast - Wandi and Ane are here to shake things up with the ‘Mo Money’ episode, revealing that shockingly, only 25% of new cars are under R500K! Plus, they’re showcasing the first Mazda to hit the R1…
18 Mar 25 min

The ‘Dirty’ Episode

This week on SA’s no.1 Motoring Podcast, the AutoTrader Podcast, Wandile is joined by Ané and Lawrence for a journey into the germ-laden world of your car’s interior, and gear up for in-depth reviews of the sleek BMW 5 Series and the rugged GWM Tank 300. We’re also bringing you…
11 Mar 28 min

The ‘Heat Seekers’ Episode

This week on the The AutoTrader Podcast, SA’s no.1 motoring podcast, join Wandi and Taye as they dive headfirst into the wild world of car mods in “Hot or Not.” The duo then go into “Yes, But No” and discuss the various cars that are big winners in the market,…
4 Mar 31 min