29th November 2023 Wise words. Wisdom Wednesday

: Wise words.
Description: Welcome to another enlightening episode of "Wisdom Unveiled" with Pastor Rocky Stevenson. In this week's Wisdom Wednesday, we embark on a transformative journey through the book of Proverbs, delving into the profound insights it offers on the power of our words. The foundational verses in Proverbs 15:1-4 and 18:21 set the stage, revealing the impact of our speech on relationships and the atmosphere we create. Bridging the wisdom of Proverbs with the teachings of the New Testament, we explore Matthew 12:33-37, where Jesus emphasizes the connection between our words and the condition of our hearts. Practical applications from Proverbs 10:19 and 16:24 guide us in exercising wisdom in our speech, choosing quality over quantity and bringing sweetness and healing to those around us. As we apply these timeless truths to today's context, James 3:1-12 challenges us to reflect on the power of our tongues in the 21st century. Join us on this exploration of Proverbs, and may your words be a source of blessing and encouragement. Until next Wisdom Wednesday, may the wisdom found in the fear of the Lord guide your speech. #WisdomWednesday #Proverbs #PowerOfWords #SpeechWisdom #BiblicalWisdom #RockyStevenson #ChristianLiving #HeartCondition #TransformativeSpeech
29 Nov 2023 1AM English South Africa Religion & Spirituality · Christianity

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