Rick Astley runs around with dessert spoons | Not a Porno | Manimal and the Highway Man

Rick Astley Rick Rolls misheard lyrics once and for all with a charity version of 'Never Gonna Give You Up' to tackle the stigma around hearing loss... proving once again that he is the most lovely man ever.

Paulo revisits the odd final two seasons of 'Who's the Boss?', but Dori still doesn't remember watching them.

A surprise mention of The Smiths before Paulo brings Dori a movie so outrageous, with a plot so porntastic, yet not one single boob is seen in the entire 80 minute run time. Really? Every 80s movie had at least one boob.

Plus, 'Last Christmas' is already in the charts, and this show is only responsible for 72% of the streams.
17 Nov 2023 English Explicit South Africa Society & Culture · Music Interviews

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