The reality of Christianity 4

Ps Kenny Mokoena talks about the reality of Christianity. This is the time to preach the gospel in boldness and to demonstrate who Christ is, that Christ is so alive.
Acts 3 - 4
Colossians 1 : 6 "This gospel is bearing fruit throughout the World by its own inherent power.
11 Oct 2023 5AM Zulu South Africa Christianity · Christianity

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The Lord left us with peace

Pastor Zeblone Mavunda reminds us that the Lord left us with peace. John 14 : 27 "...My peace I give to you" My peace is not like the peace of this world.
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The wisdom of God #11

Mashadi Mathosa continues with the topic of wisdom. Proverbs 4 : 8 "She will bring you honor when you elevate her, she will bring a crown of elegance on our heads. There are two streams of wisdom, the wisdom of God and the wisdom that the devil introduced to the…
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The promises of the Lord

Pastor Zeblone Mavunda is talking about the promises of the Lord. 2 Corinthians 1 : 20 Numbers 23 : 19 God is not human, that he should lie, not a human being, that he should change his mind. His promises are yes and amen.
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The one thing #5

Pastor Kenny Mokoena continues with the series "The one thing" The pastor's definition of success is walking in the will of God; and that is his one thing, the intimacy with God.
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The wisdom of God #10

Mashadi Mathosa continues to talk about the wisdom of God. Genesis 3 : 2 - 6 As it's still the beginning of the year, we need to make a decision that we are going to regard the wisdom of God highly, that we are going to elevate her and that…
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