18th September 2023 "Exploring the Council of Elvira (c. 305 AD)" Memorable Monday

: "Exploring the Council of Elvira (c. 305 AD)"
Description: Welcome to "Let's Talk," your source for Christian wisdom and history. Join pastor Rocky Stevenson on this Memorable Monday as we dive into the early 4th century and explore the Council of Elvira. Although not as well-known as some other church councils, the Council of Elvira played a significant role in shaping early Christianity. Discover its historical context, purpose, and the profound impact it had on church discipline and moral standards. Explore the delicate balance between tradition and biblical authority as we reflect on the lessons this council holds for today's evangelical church. #MemorableMondays #ChurchHistory #CouncilOfElvira #EarlyChristianity #ChristianTradition #BiblicalAuthority #ChurchDiscipline #MoralStandards #ChristianWisdom #FaithJourney #LetstalkTheology #HistoricalInsights #LessonsFromHistory #ChristianHeritage #BiblicalTeachings
18 Sep 2AM English South Africa Religion & Spirituality · Christianity

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