13th September 2023 "Seeking Wisdom: A Journey Through Psalm 119:145-152" wisdom Wednesday

"Seeking Wisdom: A Journey Through Psalm 119:145-152"
Description: Welcome to Wisdom Wednesday on "Let's Talk." Join your host, Pastor Rocky Stevenson from Benoni Bible Church, as we explore the depths of Psalm 119:145–152. This beautiful passage takes us on a contemplative journey of heartfelt prayers, commitment to God's Word, and a profound understanding of God's lovingkindness and eternal truth. Discover the wisdom within these verses and how they resonate with your Baptist and traditional dispensational beliefs. Let's dive deep into this timeless exploration of faith and devotion. #WisdomWednesday #Psalm119 #LegacyStandardBible #FaithJourney #GodsWord #EternalTruth #BaptistBeliefs #ScripturalAuthority #SeekingWisdom #LetstalkScripture #SpiritualReflection #WisdomInFaith #DevotionToGod
13 Sep 2023 2AM English South Africa Religion & Spirituality · Christianity

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