31st August 2023 Unveiling Textual Criticism's Rich Tapestry Technical Thursday

Unveiling Textual Criticism's Rich Tapestry

Join Pastor Rocky Stevenson of Benoni Bible Church for a captivating episode of Technical Thursday. In this instalment, delve into the intriguing world of textual criticism—a discipline that safeguards the integrity of God's Word throughout history. Pastor Rocky explores the evolution of this field, from the meticulous efforts of early scholars to the modern advancements that enable scholars to scrutinize ancient manuscripts with unprecedented precision. Discover the intricate balance between human responsibility and divine sovereignty in preserving the Bible's authenticity. Uncover famous textual variants, like the comma Johanneum and Mark 16:9-20, as you journey through the complexities that shape the Bible's transmission. Gain insights into how textual criticism enhances our confidence in the Bible's accuracy and marvel at the dedication of scholars who've preserved God's message for generations. #TechnicalThursday #TextualCriticism #BibleTransmission #IntegrityOfScripture #DivineSovereignty #HumanResponsibility #AncientManuscripts #BibleVariants #PreservingGodsWord #BiblicalAuthenticity #UnveilingThePast
31 Aug 2AM English South Africa Religion & Spirituality · Christianity

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