Combining Cycle Tour training and Comrades Marathon training

You are on Ask Coach Parry. The question today was submitted by Werner Libbe. He says 2015 will be his 2nd Comrades Marathon. In 2014 he finished in 10.52 but he picked up an ITB injury. He has been injury free since July last year and can do a marathon in 4 hours.

He ran the Dischem half marathon a couple of weeks ago in a comfortable sub 2 hours. His 4km time trial time is 17’40. He is also cycling and is planning on doing the Cape Town Cycle Tour in March. His aim for the Comrades Marathon is 10 hours.

He is currently following your Bill Rowan Programme, but he is adapting it to enable I'm to cycle the Argus. He has 2 questions. The first one is how does he adapt and allow for cycling in that programme?

The second question is, you refer to a 3.30 marathon in the programme which relates to a sub 5 minute pace, yet nowhere in the training do they ever get close to that pace except for time trials and some hill repeats.

How does he get used to running that fast if he never gets used to running at that pace?