Scurvy and Pirates

02.06.23 Pt 2 - Ben shares what it’s like being a man in content creation, and what kind of content he creates. Kirsten Neuschäfer joins Gareth to discuss her record-breaking sailing race around the world, and amazes the team with her incredible story.
2 Jun 1AM English Explicit South Africa Society & Culture · News

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A Family Affair

04.10.23 Pt 2 - Kate Turkington is an accomplished South African broadcaster and household name. Over the years she has entertained millions of people with hilarious, radical, and serious stories - and at 89, she doesn’t plan to stop. Joined by her two daughters, they unpack their shared love of…
4 Oct 1AM 1 hr 11 min

Steinway to Heaven

04.10.23 Pt 1 - It’s Fat Bear week and Ryan’s Taylor Swift obsession is crossing over into his world of football. Bakh’abantu hates on Elon Musk’s newest creation, and Gareth jumps on the bandwagon with the SAFTA Awards. Not to mention the mystery of the disappearing piano!
4 Oct 12AM 59 min

Social Media Shambles

03.10.23 Pt 2 - Mark Sham expresses his love for small towns in South Africa - being an avid traveller, he claims this is where the soul of the country lies. Gareth gets into bad social media habits, and how the world needs more fat shamers.
3 Oct 1AM 57 min

The Dark Side of Happiness

03.10.23 Pt 1 - Content Creator and Public Speaker, Mark Sham, is in town and picks Gareth’s brain about having access to massive audiences from such a young age. Mark comments on the Tottenham Hotspur and Trevor Noah debacles in marketing tourism, and JJ Cornish joins for Africanalysis.
3 Oct 12AM 59 min

The Physics of Science

02.10.23 Pt 1 - Bakh’abantu tries to explains the science behind energy-saving with a geyser. Leigh-Ann defends women and ‘surprise poos’… and Gareth lists the several scandals that occured over the weekend.
2 Oct 12AM 57 min