What You Need to Know About Cholera

Six Cases of Cholera were confirmed in South Africa, Dr Abel Tlailane Explains what Cholera is; signs and symptoms and the treatment
1 Mar English South Africa Christianity · Kids & Family

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What are contraceptives? Why contraceptives? Sibongile Mofokeng is talking to Dr Abel Tlailane about Contraceptives. They look at contraceptives in total as they also answer questions around contraceptives.
10 May 49 min

Salt Awareness

Sibongile Mofokeng and Dr Abel Tlailane discuss the Importance and Dangers of Salt in our bodies; how it can improve our health; healthy habits we need to develop around our salt usage (intake); that can help reduce coronary heart problems cause by salt and hypertension and risky behaviours that can…
29 Mar 47 min

One Little Dash

Reverent Lufuno Negota explains that the little dash of life is found in between one's birth and death, he also talks about How we ought to lead our lives for God's Glory, in that space, called the Little Dash
4 Jan 45 min