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Just for You on Radio Pulpit is a magazine show designed to empower people from all walks of life. From from the young at heart to the older and more settled. Through the show, we seek to inspire excellence in every Christian’s daily journey and to strengthen and empower listeners to be the best versions of themselves.
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Different Types Of Flu In This Season.

Sibongile Mofokeng is talking to Dr. Abel Tlailane about Different Types Of Flu In This Season. He is explaining the types of flu affecting many during this winter season. He also mentions the signs and symptoms when one should seek medical help and the treatment that is needed.
7 Jun 48 min


What are contraceptives? Why contraceptives? Sibongile Mofokeng is talking to Dr Abel Tlailane about Contraceptives. They look at contraceptives in total as they also answer questions around contraceptives.
10 May 49 min

Salt Awareness

Sibongile Mofokeng and Dr Abel Tlailane discuss the Importance and Dangers of Salt in our bodies; how it can improve our health; healthy habits we need to develop around our salt usage (intake); that can help reduce coronary heart problems cause by salt and hypertension and risky behaviours that can…
29 Mar 47 min

One Little Dash

Reverent Lufuno Negota explains that the little dash of life is found in between one's birth and death, he also talks about How we ought to lead our lives for God's Glory, in that space, called the Little Dash
4 Jan 45 min

Connecting the Dots Part 4: Dealing with Unresolved (Emotional) Wounds/ Matters

The Author of the book; "Connecting the dots; Mme Tiisetso Tau, talks about the Importance of Building a Healthy Communication between Parents and their Adult kids; especially when dealing with past unresolved emotional wounds/ matters. She highlights the importance of love and a respectful way of communicating between the two.
30 Nov 2022 36 min

Diabetes Mellitus and Diet

Diet plays a vital role in treating and managing Diabetes Mellitus, Dietician Vusi Sape and Dr Abel Tlailane explain more this
16 Nov 2022 51 min

Connecting The Dots Part 3: Living with Adult Kids

The Author of the book; "Connecting the dots; Mme Tiisetso Tau, Talks about the Importance of Communication between a parent and his/ her adult kids. Also remember that they are now grown up and you can't decisions for them, the Adult kids should also never forget to respect their parents…
9 Nov 2022 35 min

Breast Cancer Awareness

Dr. Abel Tlailane talks about What Breast Cancer is, it's Symptoms; Risk Factors; and Treatment. He also answers some questions about it's Myths and Truths
12 Oct 2022 47 min

Elephantiasis or Fliariasis

HUisbesoek With Dr Abel Tlailane: Sibongile and Dr Tlailane discuss what Elephantiasis or Filariasis is; Who is Prone to contract it; its Diagnoses, Symptoms and Treatment
31 Aug 2022 33 min

Connecting The Dots Part 2: Abusive Relationships and Escaping

The Author of the book; "Connecting the dots; Mme Tiisetso Tau, shares a testimony on How she entered in an Abusive Relationship and how she escaped that situation. She advises people to pit God first, find out what His Will is with every relationship they enter into. She further advises…
24 Aug 2022 44 min

Connecting The Dots Part 1: A Good Name

The Author of the book; "Connecting the dots; Mme Tiisetso Tau, gives a testimony on how the Lord used her Good name to save her parents marriage, as a baby. She talks about the Importance of giving our children Good names and Encourages parents to give their children Good Names…
10 Aug 2022 47 min

How to boost your immune system during Winter

The winter season is upon us and any have contracted flu, the level of those infected with Covid-19 has also gone up. Registered Nurse and Pastor Lufuno Negota and Sibongile Mofokeng explain the importance of Boosting one's immunity and keeping a healthy lifestyle during this season.
1 Jun 2022 35 min


Hypertension is a Lifestyle Disease that affects many, it is also known as a silent killer because many continue with their lives not being aware that they are sick from Hypertension. It can lead to death, if it goes without treatment. Sibongile Mofokeng explain what Hypertension is, its symptoms, treatment…
1 Jun 2022 37 min

Metabolic Disorders

Huisbesoek Met Dr Tlailane: Sibongile Mofokeng and Dr Able Tlailane talk about the Metabolic Disorders; their different Types, Causes, Symptoms and Prevention
30 Mar 2022 32 min

What South Africans need to know about typhoid fever

Huisbesoek Met Dr Tlailane: There has been a mild breakout of Typhoid Fever in Tswhane and a little bit more serious in the Western Cape. Sibongile Mofokeng talks to Dr Abel Tlailane, to find out more about it.
23 Feb 2022 40 min

Adjustment Disorders and Covid-19

Medical Doctor Abel Tlailane and Psychologist Kgadi Thobejane answer these questions: * What are Adjustment Disorders, their Signs and Symptoms and how we can connect these with the exhaustion and depression that many go through as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic?
26 Jan 2022 47 min
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