Love, life and light

“Three “L’s” sum up human existence: love, life, and light. Yet many do not know that the Bible describes Jesus Christ as the source of each of these in John 1:3-5: the Loving, Creator, the Generator of all Life, and the Revelator of all Light and truth.”
5 Mar English South Africa Religion & Spirituality · Christianity

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Abundant provision and protection

“Should Christians fret and fear over financial provision, and personal safety? Jesus did two miracles in John 6, which describe the abundance of God’s provision and protection for His children. We would do well to learn these lessons.”
3 Dec 23 min

Evidence and unbelief

“Many think that belief in God and the gospel depends on reasons and evidence. Jesus, however, shows that in spite of five irrefutable lines of evidence, people still rejected Him. He then exposes the real heart of why people don’t believe.”
26 Nov 23 min

Equality, Unity and Distinction in God

Does the Trinity really matter? Or is it a complicated, theoretical teaching with no practical benefit? When Jesus taught in John 5, He explained that the very meaning of “God” is at stake if we do not understand the ideas of the tri-une God.
19 Nov 21 min

The working Word

Many people spend their lives in passivity, waiting for life to happen to them. The lame man healed by the pool of Bethesda illustrates how we should respond to the voice of God, instead of wasting our lives merely waiting for life to happen to us.
12 Nov 22 min

True Worship

The worship wars rage around us? What is true worship? Fortunately Jesus taught us with three indisputable principles in John 4:21-24
5 Nov 24 min