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Bible Perspective looks at aspects of life through clear, Biblical lenses with Pastor David de Bruyn.
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How disciples are made

“Evangelism can feel intimidating. However, not everyone comes to Christ through a powerful argument. John 1:35-51 demonstrates four ways that disciples of Jesus are made – ways that we should employ as we seek to win souls for Christ.”
28 May 26 min

The signpost to the Saviour

“How are hearts brought to the Saviour? The ministry of John the Baptist shows that hearts need to be both prepared, and also confronted with truth.”
21 May 26 min

Problem Passages 6# Canaanite Genocide Part 2

“Is the destruction of the Canaanites an example of ethnic cleansing? When we understand the context and meaning of these Scriptures, we learn that it was nothing of the sort.”
14 May 24 min

The Problem Passages #3 treatment of woman

“Does the Bible condone slavery? Critics of the Bible claim that both the Old and New Testaments support the institution of slavery. We consider whether this is true, and discover what the Bible’s true attitude is toward human trafficking and slavery.”
23 Apr 27 min

Problem passages #2 Harsh punishment

“Why does the Law have some seemingly harsh punishments for what appear to be minor offences? We consider how the Law of Moses is actually a great champion of human rights, not the enemy thereof.”
16 Apr 26 min

The New Life of The Resurrection

The resurrection of Jesus was not just the restoration of Jesus's body. The resurrection of Jesus was the defeat of death and the beginning of the end of this old, cursed world. This world drowning in its sin, sinking into its evil, has an expiry date. The resurrection of Jesus…
9 Apr 25 min

Problems Passages #1 - Kosher Law

“Many people object to the Christian faith because they find strange and foreign elements in the Old Testament. Bridging the cultural gap between the Law of Moses and our contemporary world eliminates many of these objections, as we better understand the biblical world and the reasons for the commands of…
2 Apr 26 min

The Glory of Grace

When we think of ‘glory’, we often think of some kind of bright light. But John surprises us by telling us that the true glory of God is seen in the condescending and surprising form known as grace
26 Mar 25 min

The visible God

What if God were one of us?” These words to a popular song summarise the greatest story ever told. If God became a man, then it is simply the most important event in history. John 1:14 makes the claim that this occurred in human history.”
19 Mar 25 min

Light received or rejected

People crave the light and are afraid of the dark, except when it comes to the light of the truth, and then things reverse. In John 1:6-13, we learn of the peril of light rejected, and the privilege of light received.”
12 Mar 26 min

Love, life and light

“Three “L’s” sum up human existence: love, life, and light. Yet many do not know that the Bible describes Jesus Christ as the source of each of these in John 1:3-5: the Loving, Creator, the Generator of all Life, and the Revelator of all Light and truth.”
5 Mar 25 min

The true Jesus

“There are plenty of trite, lightweight, pop-culture forms of Jesus. But who exactly are we referring to when we speak of Jesus? John’s famous introduction to his Gospel teaches us that the true Jesus has very little to do with the Jesus of the bumper stickers, coffee-mugs and fridge magnets.”
26 Feb 5 min

God's Self-Expression

“There are plenty of trite, lightweight, pop-culture forms of Jesus. But who exactly are we referring to when we speak of Jesus? John’s famous introduction to his Gospel teaches us that the true Jesus has very little to do with the Jesus of the bumper-stickers, coffee-mugs and fridge magnets.”
26 Feb 24 min

That you may believe

“To call yourself a Christian is to call yourself a “Messiah-one”. But why should we believe that Jesus is the Messiah, or that the world even needs a Messiah? The Gospel of John is a book structured to answer these very questions.”
19 Feb 25 min

Discerning God's Leading ep.5

What do we do if we seek to follow God’s leading, but then doubt that we did? How should we deal with feelings of doubt, anxiety, or worry about decisions we have made or are about to make? We continue to study the topic of God’s guidance, and find that…
12 Feb 26 min

Discerning God’s Leading – ep. 4

“Seeking God’s leading involves several principles. What should we make of our own inclinations and sense of inner peace? Should we ignore these emotions, or should we rely on them? The Bible has the answer.”
5 Feb 26 min

Discerning God's Leading - ep.3

“Seeking God’s leading involves several things beyond just asking for it. God directs us through obedience, duties, prayer, as well as information, good counsel, and circumstances. “
29 Jan 25 min
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