#98 It's a New Day, a New Year and a New Show

Back to work! Don't let rolling blackouts get you down - Jenni Baxter and Melanie Walker are here to help you lively up yourself with a healthy dollop of some good, some lovely - and yes, alas some dark - news. To get a Blonde perspective on the stories making news on SAPeople.com, #ListenHere!
13 Jan English South Africa Society & Culture

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#108 Of Slimy and Slithering Things…

SAPeople is Cleaning up (and SA) Never fear when Jen and Mel are near. Just #listenhere for the latest stories about lovely Saffer people, bromances and snêks!
22 Mar 34 min

#107 Don't Shut Down - Switch On!

Of Scottish Accents and Parktown Prawns. This week, the blondes (Jenni Baxter of SAPeople.com in Antibes, and Melanie Walker, Joburg correspondent) tackle issues as diverse as whether Parktown Prawns travel well, How to Get Ahead in Hollywood, everyday heroes in SA, how YouTubers get their bucks, and how the Bokke…
15 Mar 39 min

#106 Ons Soek Jou Goeie Nuus!

We've Got This! We may be power deficient - but we have a lovely bunch of Tomatoes! In a week that sees many past their prime being shuffled around (ministers, that is, not tomatoes), Jenni Baxter and Melanie Walker of SAPeople.com sauce... um, Source the good news South African stories…
8 Mar 36 min

#105 Always Look on the Bright (not light) Side of Life

Bright sparks giving you a Liff... In a place mostly covered with reports of doom and gloom, Jenni Baxter and Melanie Walker bring you the Brighter Side of what's happening in Sunny SA. If you're an expat or a stay-at-Home, Listen here to find out what our amazing people are…
1 Mar 30 min

#104 Don't Ask What Your Country Can Do For You

Do What you Can for Your People Looking on the positive side, Jenni Baxter (who's being left out of the loadshedding woes as she's sitting pretty in Antibes!) and Melanie Walker (who rarely has any lightbulbs happening in her house :D ) don't need to go scrabbling around in the…
22 Feb 34 min