New Year, Old Me

13.01.23 Pt 1 - A morbid start to a Friday morning as Gareth kicks off the show with the death of a legend’s daughter, before talking about some changes coming to CliffCentral. Simphiwe has joined a gym and is looking for love in 2023! Ben joins the show and debates the word “indispensable” with the team… plus, the best possible cures for a hangover.
12 Jan 11PM English Explicit South Africa Society & Culture · News

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Reddy to Go!

24.03.23 Pt 2 - Gareth discovers Ben has incredible eyesight during a conversation about a new ad campaign that Simphiwe is excited about. Actor and comedian Prev Reddy is in the house, and he is proud to announce some new shows coming up. He also breaks the news that ‘Aunty…
24 Mar 1AM 59 min

A Swift Wedding

24.03.23 Pt 1 - Gareth and Simphiwe discuss a recent discovery in the CliffCentral house. The GCS team break down Ben’s love/hate relationship with weddings. Have you ever experienced a traumatic smell you’ll never forget? The team get into another poop discussion… this time involving Hillary Clinton.
24 Mar 12AM 57 min

The Elevator Pitch

23.03.23 Pt 2 - Helen Zillie joins the show and goes head to head with Kanthan Pillay, as they debate the DA’s main focus on South Africa’s political stage. Phumi is curious about the diversity of upcoming leaders within the party, and a listener wants to hear the DA’s ‘elevator…
23 Mar 1AM 55 min

Think Car!

23.03.23 Pt 1 - Gareth and Phumi discuss the lies that have come out of the media after Monday’s shutdown. Phumi talks about her love of supporting small businesses in South Africa, after recently undergoing a hair colour change… and Gareth talks about the his hate for cyclists on the…
23 Mar 12AM 56 min

We can do Better

22.03.23 Pt 2 - As the CEO of Together Vouch for Each Other, IDF combat veteran Yoseph Haddad talks to Gareth about volunteering to serve the Israeli Defence force at 18. After being critically injured in the war, he decided to dedicate his life to showcasing the truth about the…
22 Mar 1AM 40 min