The Heart is a Liar

This week Happiness joins the show to get some help from Dr Hanan Bushkin about dating, and why she seems to attract men who are only physically interested in her. He explains how important it is to have a vetting process to find exactly what you are looking for.
12 Sep 2022 English Explicit South Africa Society & Culture · Health & Fitness

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In-law Issues

Dr Hanan received an email from Sasha, asking for advice on how best to deal with a difficult situation, without causing a rift between her partner and his parents.
3 Dec 12 min

Confirmation Bias

Dr Hanan joins the show to discuss confirmation bias, that nifty little brain glitch where we cherry-pick info that backs up our beliefs. It’s like getting stuck in a ‘yes-man’ echo chamber. Gareth, Leigh-Ann and Bakh’abantu try unravel the complexities behind the lens.
26 Nov 13 min

Quality vs Quantity

This week, Dr Hanan provides advice based on an email from a father asking for tools to compartmentalise his work mentality to maintain a happy family mindset. He emphasises the significance of goal setting for ensuring quality time with loved ones.
19 Nov 14 min

Matric Exams Stress

With matric exams upon us, Dr Hanan has some wise words for both pupils and parents - mentally preparing all involved for this important and stressful time.
12 Nov 13 min

Do what you can Control

Jacky joins the team in studio after struggling to come to terms with the death of his adoptive father. Dr Hanan explains the process of closure when dealing with the realities of justice.
5 Nov 13 min