The Inflation Shield bundle

Sean Sanders unpacks the long-anticipated Vasil hard fork of the Cardano (ADA) blockchain, which has been given the go-ahead. Plus, more about Revix’s inflation shield bundle.
7 Sep 2022 English South Africa Investing · Technology

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Sean Sanders from Revix joins Gareth and team to address the latest controversy surrounding the Haru investment pause.
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Crypto Market Shake-up

Sean Sanders from Revix brings us an update on what has transpired between Binance and the US Securities & Exchange Commission, as well as the potential impact this situation will have on the crypto market. Plus, some exciting news about the launch of the Top 20 Crypto Bundle.
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New Top 20 Crypto Bundle

Sean Sanders from Revix tells us about the launch of Revix’s new Crypto Bundle. He also touches on the investment of the crypto bundle vs investing in individual cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum.
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2023: The Year for Change

2022 was a terrible year for Crypto, a year everyone is trying to forget! Sean Sanders, CEO of, discusses what has changed in 2023, and why it could be the time to invest in crypto if you haven’t already. He also touches on the most exciting bits of the…
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Dollar-Backed Stablecoin

Sean Sanders from Revix returns to share his thoughts on the explosive rand inflation last week. Everyone is looking to diversify their portfolio, but what can one invest in for a wealthier return? Revix has something in mind... With great risk comes great reward.
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