I just cant seem to get a silver at the Comrades Marathon

Today on Ask Coach Parry we have a Comrades Marathon question submitted by Gustav Roos. He says that he has been running sub 3 marathons for 4 years now, with a pb of 2:47. He has however not been able to run a silver at the Comrades Marathon, he wants to know what is he doing wrong?

Lindsey Parry: Giving a pb is very limiting. Because we don’t know what sort of mileage he’s running those pb’s off, what sort of mileage he is doing for the Comrades Marathon, is he following the Comrades Marathon silver programme, etc.

Assuming that he is getting things right in training, that he is not starting the race from doing too much mileage, that he is not starting the race with an injury – then I can only look at race day strategy.