If you're ahead of the Comrades Marathon training programme

Today we answer a Comrades Marathon training question submitted to Ask Coach Parry by Rowan Demmer. He says “Hi Coach. 2015 will be my first Comrades Marathon, I have been training since June this year giving myself a year to train.

I have been following the Bill Rowan training program but running at an average pace of 6:40 odd per km. I'm doing roughly 50km a week in Musgrave area in Durban so there are some serious hills that I use to train on the normal weekend runs.

I have done a 10km in July (55min), a Half Marathon in September (1h59min), and finally my Qualifier marathon last month October (4h52min).

I was wondering how do I adjust my Comrades Marathon training program now that I have already run my marathon a month earlier than the schedule says?

I took a week off and then ran for an hour and legs were still tired even now 2 weeks after the Marathon, it feels as though I am starting to train all over again, feel a bit demotivated, is this normal? Thanks for the great info that you guys share.”