Slowly building up to the Comrades Marathon to avoid injury.

Welcome to another edition of Ask Coach Parry. Our question today was submitted by Stuart Miles. This is what he said,

“I ran Two Oceans in under 6 hours in 2013 but was plagued with hamstring injuries during the training and injured myself (foot tendon) shortly after, and could not run the Comrades Marathon - probably due to having increased mileage too fast.

I have not run much this year (10-20k's per week max.) but have been building up leg strength and fitness through spinning/cycling and rode the Momentum 947 Cycle Challenge 2014. My question is whether and how I can now build up my running training towards the Comrades Marathon 2015.

Obviously my main concern is to avoid injury and build up mileage as slow as possible. I have run 4 marathons now with a PB of 3h50 for reference.”