#0  Season 3: Smart Cities - Coming Soon

In this brand new season of the Waterfall Podcast, we cross the globe to learn more about Smart Cities and the solutions they employ to improve the quality of life for their citizens. Season 3 of The Waterfall Podcast is launching on Friday 14 January 2022.
Season 3 / Episode 0 12 Jan 2022 English South Africa Places & Travel · History

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S3 E6: Smart Cities - Sustainability

At the heart of almost all of a Smart City’s systems, is sustainability. This careful planning of infrastructure and the responsible use of resources means less impact on the environment, and an improved quality of life for residents. In this last episode of our Smart City series, we chat to a Singapore-based…
Season 3 / Episode 6 19 min

S3 E5: Smart Cities - Waste Management

City living generates a lot of waste and part of a Smart City’s job is to figure out just how to manage it all. In this episode, Waterfall Management Company’s GM, Piet Joubert and Attacq’s Sustainability Manager, Kyra Rautenbach, explain all about Waterfall’s plans to reduce its environmental impact through…
Season 3 / Episode 5 18 min

S3 E4: Smart Cities - Transport & Mobility

One of the worst parts of modern life has to be traffic! It raises blood pressure and lowers productivity, not to mention its environmental impact. It’s also one of the everyday problems that Smart Cities are putting the most effort into resolving. In this episode, Waterfall Management Company’s GM, Piet…
Season 3 / Episode 4 20 min

S3 E3: Smart Cities - Security & Safety

Safety and security are a high priority for most people, and consequently, the need for a Smart City to deliver effective solutions for this aspect of life is vital. But it goes beyond security cameras - in this episode, Thys Redelinghuys, General Manager for the Waterfall Common Services Company, and…
Season 3 / Episode 3 19 min

S3 E2: Smart Cities - Data & Connectivity

Data and connectivity are fundamental to a Smart City. Utilising the internet of things, high speed networks and data analysis, it can deliver on its promise of a better quality of life for all its citizens. In this episode, we chat to Koogern Govender, Executive Director at Waterfall Access Networks…
Season 3 / Episode 2 17 min