The Waterfall Podcast

The Waterfall Podcast

Ever wondered what goes into the making of a world-class city? Get the inside scoop, as your host Spike Ballantine speaks to prominent people involved with smart cities, and the award-winning Waterfall development in South Africa.
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S1 E1: The History of Waterfall

In this introductory episode of The Waterfall Podcast, Siya Sangweni explores little-known facts regarding the history of this multi award-winning mixed-use development with Waterfall Management Company CEO, Willie Vos.
Season 1 / Episode 1 24 min

S1 E2: The Waterfall Common Services Company

Who makes all the unseen problems at Waterfall Estate disappear? Thys Redelinghuys joins Siya Sangweni for Episode 2 of The Waterfall Podcast. Thys reveals how the Waterfall Common Services Company deals with various issues around the estate - including security and surveillance, litter control, general maintenance, and lots more. He…
Season 1 / Episode 2 16 min

S1 E3: The Birds & Wildlife of Waterfall

Waterfall is known for its world-class development status, but did you know it also boasts a vast array of birds and wildlife? Waterfall residents Ron Searle and Kevin Gow explain the role of the Waterfall Bird Club and the Waterfall Environmental Committee which is in charge of preserving the many…
Season 1 / Episode 3 20 min

S1 E4: Mall of Africa

The Mall of Africa is an award-winning marvel. It’s the biggest mall on the continent built in a single-phase and has some incredible facts, stories and tenants. Siya Sangweni went on a mission to find out everything you need to know about the mall. Johann Fourie, the mall’s GM, takes…
Season 1 / Episode 4 18 min

S1 E5: 2019 in Review

2019 has been an eventful year in the Waterfall community; one that saw much development, growth and great lessons learnt. Siya Sangweni moderates a conversation between some of the major stakeholders who made the year a success: Willie Vos, CEO of Waterfall Management Company; Giles Pendleton, Head of Developments Attacq;…
Season 1 / Episode 5 38 min

S1 E6: Looking ahead - 2020

2019 was an amazing year at Waterfall with various new developments, and the plans for 2020 are even greater. Willie Vos, CEO of Waterfall Management Company; Giles Pendleton, Head of Developments Attacq; and Steve Brooks, CEO Of Balwin Properties chat to Siya Sangweni about what we can expect in the…
Season 1 / Episode 6 20 min

S2 E1: The look and feel of Waterfall

What do the Dakar Rally and property development have in common? In this episode of the Waterfall Podcast, Siya Sangweni chats to Mark Corbett, CEO of Century Property Developments, along with Willie Vos (CEO: Waterfall Management Company). Mark was instrumental in creating the look and feel of Waterfall Estate, as…
Season 2 / Episode 7 23 min

S2 E2: The inside scoop on Munyaka

Siya Sangweni ventured out to the site where Munyaka is being built to meet Steve Brookes (CEO of Balwin Properties), just before the first VIP launch to find out all about Munyaka - a multi-billion rand development in Waterfall Estate, centred around a 7-hectare crystal lagoon.
Season 2 / Episode 8 16 min

S2 E3: Luxury Living at Ellipse

Ellipse is a new high-rise luxury apartment development in the heart of Waterfall City. Siya Sangweni is joined by Giles Pendleton, Chief Development Officer at Attacq and Tim Kloeck, Chief Executive officer at Tricolt to explore the details, design, amenities and more of this iconic, four-tower development and the celebrities…
Season 2 / Episode 9 17 min

S2 E4: Waterfall’s Heliport, a first in SA

Shaun Roseveare, CEO of Ultimate Aviation Group and Keith Batchelor, Heliport Manager, are the people responsible for bringing South Africa’s only heliport to life in Waterfall. Siya Sangweni got a chance to chat with them about what a heliport is, what facilities it offers and how it all came to…
Season 2 / Episode 10 17 min

S2 E5: Not all filling stations are created equal

Petrol stations usually look pretty much the same... but not in Waterfall, and not if Irving Steyn (Development Manager at Waterfall) and Thomas Kriel (Design Team Leader at Theunissen Jankowitz Architects, Pretoria) have anything to do with it. In this episode, Siya Sangweni explores what it takes to design a…
Season 2 / Episode 11 14 min

S2 E6: Ad Outpost & Out of Home Advertising

Every day we are exposed to thousands of adverts and marketing messages, but it’s not often we think about the work that goes into creating them. In this episode, Siya Sangweni talks to Dinesh Diar, CEO of Ad Outpost, about their unique building in Waterfall, their thought process behind making…
Season 2 / Episode 12 11 min

S2 E7: Attacq: Business Leases 101

What are the benefits of having your business in Waterfall and what does the leasing structure look like? What should one look out for before signing a long-term lease? Mbulelo Thinta wanted to find out, so he sent Siya Sangweni to chat with Debbie Theron (Head of Asset Management at…
Season 2 / Episode 13 18 min

S2 E8: Waterfall - Sustainable by Design

How does a city look after our future? Willie Vos (CEO of Waterfall Management Company), Giles Pendleton (Chief Development Officer at Attacq) and Kyra Rautenbach (Sustainability Manager at Attacq) explain how and why they are contributing to Waterfall’s sustainability. They cover design elements, the Waterfall weather station, backup power and…
Season 2 / Episode 14 28 min

S2 E9: Rent your dream HOUSS

Living in Waterfall is very desirable, but not everyone can afford to buy a house or apartment there. So what if you want to rent? That's where HOUSS Rentals comes in. In this episode Jessica Hofmeyr - Sales, Rentals, Marketing and Operations Executive at HOUSS Rentals - chats to Siya…
Season 2 / Episode 15 15 min

S2 E10: Retail in 2020

Covid-19 has put enormous pressure on the retail industry, but that doesn’t mean it’s all doom and gloom - at least not at Attacq’s malls and retail centres in Waterfall. Jackie Van Niekerk (COO of Attacq), and Michael Clampett (Head of Asset and Property Management – Retail at Attacq) discuss…
Season 2 / Episode 16 22 min

S2 E11: The year in review & looking ahead to 2021

2020 was a year that no one could have predicted. Plagued by the Coronavirus and subsequent disruptions to our daily lives and the global economy, it was extremely difficult to stay on course. In this season finale, Waterfall Management Company’s CEO Willie Vos, and CEO of Attacq, Melt Hamman, look…
Season 2 / Episode 17 28 min

Season 3: Smart Cities - Coming Soon

In this brand new season of the Waterfall Podcast, we cross the globe to learn more about Smart Cities and the solutions they employ to improve the quality of life for their citizens. Season 3 of The Waterfall Podcast is launching on Friday 14 January 2022.
Season 3 / Episode 0 1 min

S3 E1: Smart Cities - Overview

In this brand new season of the Waterfall Podcast, we cross the globe to learn more about Smart Cities and the solutions they employ to improve the quality of life for their citizens. We find out about the ideas and technologies that Smart Cities are built on, and discover how…
Season 3 / Episode 1 17 min

S3 E2: Smart Cities - Data & Connectivity

Data and connectivity are fundamental to a Smart City. Utilising the internet of things, high speed networks and data analysis, it can deliver on its promise of a better quality of life for all its citizens. In this episode, we chat to Koogern Govender, Executive Director at Waterfall Access Networks…
Season 3 / Episode 2 17 min
1 – 20