A sub 10 hour Comrades Marathon - What do you need to do?

Welcome to the next edition of Ask Coach Parry. Over the last couple of days we have been chatting about what sort of time goals you should set for shorter distances and which medal you could achieve by that at the Comrades Marathon, and today’s one is quite interesting because it is the one that is smack bang in the middle of the Bill Rowan and bronze. It is a sub 10 hour, it is one that I am looking at for the Comrades Marathon 2015, and we have had a few questions on this one with regards to adjusting training programmes. If someone is aiming for a sub 10 Comrades Marathon, from a shorter distance perspective, what should they be looking at for their 10 km, half marathon and marathon times and as we have mentioned before, it is not an exact science but it is more of a ball park of what you should be looking at?