Is it OK to Vent?

Even though we all deal with stress in different ways, is it okay to vent and speak out about it? This week we have a special guest - Mark Sham who recently posted a video on Facebook about the importance of speaking up when you’re struggling. Do men deal with this differently to women?
12 Jul 2021 English Explicit South Africa Society & Culture · Health & Fitness

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Open Q&A

The line is opened to the public for Dr. Hanan, but Gareth wants to give his regular advice on the side. The theme seems to be centered around issues with mothers, with a couple of questions on the topic.
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Candice Mama wants to know how to integrate a new relationship into a life of hyper independence. Dr Hanan discusses various attachment styles, and how to feel secure in the relationship.
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Open relationships are fairly complicated, but not impossible. Where is the line drawn, and what are the rules involved? Is trust a major factor? Leigh-Ann Mol weighs in with her personal experience.
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Disappointing Fairytales

After watching the King’s Coronation over the weekend, Gareth brings up the reality of fairytales not working out the way Hollywood has programmed us to believe. Dr Hanan jumps in, explaining the realities of a real fairytale… and how if someone wants something that badly, they’ll find a way to…
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