Deciding on your race schedule before the Comrades Marathon

On this edition of the Ask Coach Parry Podcast we chat about the time of your longer races in the build up to the 2015 Comrades Marathon. Should you be running really long now or should you be targeting shorter, faster races before the end of the year?

The question Lindsey answers today was submitted by Steven and he writes: “I have been running for about 18 months but still consider myself a novice. Last year I was scraping 5 hours for the marathon and 2h20ish for the half marathon.

I really want to be able to be in a position to run the Comrades Marathon in 2015, and have been working hard on my strength and running through winter. I already feel that I’m in a much better position in terms of fitness, strength etc than I ever was last year.

My half marathon time is now down to 2h03 but I’m battling to just dip under the 2 hour mark - with the 2015 Comrades Marathon being the end goal, should I be focusing on the Comrades Marathon finishers or the bronze Comrades Marathon training programme? And should my training now be focusing on speed or just building up a bigger and stronger base? Should I attempt a marathon this side of Christmas or wait. I’m currently running 40-50kms a week. Thanks in advance!”