Using your heart rate to make your run training sessions more specifc

Mthunzi submitted his question for the Ask Coach Parry Podcast today, and it is somewhat related to the chat we have had regarding training to heart rate and building your fitness base using your heart rate monnitor.

His question goes as follows: “My training routine is as follows: I go to gym (focus on legs), road run (10/ 11km in approximately 75 minutes), running on a track (15 rounds alternating 2 fast and one jogging), hill repeat (5 repeats of a 600m stretch of road) and 2hr slow run at the weekend.

I have bought a heart rate monitor with the objective of increasing my speed, in other words to develop a base. Should I now change all my runs to be at heart rate of 138/ 139 (180-age) for 12 weeks, then once I have developed a base (and aerobic speed) revert to my current or improved program?

If not how do you recommend I change my program?