10 Hour Comrades Marathon: Which training programme should you follow?

The gap between the Comrades Marathon Bill Rowan medal and the Comrades Marathon Bronze medal finish times is two hours. There are a quite a few runners that fall in the middle of those two Comrades Marathon training programmes and if you’re aiming for a 10 hour Comrades Marathon finish it is quite difficult to know how to adjust your Comrades Marathon training programme accordingly.

Today’s question on the Ask Coach Parry podcast was submitted by from Kevin seems who says he feels like he is stuck in ‘no-mans-land’.

He writes, “Hi, I am a 51 year old runner who has been running for 2 years. I completed my first Two Oceans (5h28) in 2014 and am looking to running my first Comrades in 2015. I have completed 4 marathons with a PB of 3h47.

Looking at your Comrades programmes I find myself somewhere between the Bill Rowan and Bronze programmes i.e. I would expect around a 10hr finish. In terms of following the programmes can I just average out the time and pace requirements between the two programmes?

The bronze seems a little bit too easy and the Bill Rowan a little out of my league? Thanks for your help.”