Comrades Marathon: Training for a Bronze medal with a 25 min 5km

Today’s question on the Ask Coach Parry podcast was submitted by from Bernard Van Den Dool. Bernard’s said that due to over-use type injuries, his first two attempts at the Comrades Marathon had failed.Post the Comrades Marathon this year, he adopted your post Comrades Marathon training programme in Tom Cottrell’s race date booklet.The program has been a bit less than he normally did. A better build-up to what he has been trying to do over the last two years.Needless to say, he is quite excited with his progress. His recent 5 kilometre time trial with hills is 25:30. The question is where to from this programme after December as the programme is more than the Comrades Marathon Bronze medal programme but less than the Comrades Marathon Bill Rowan programme?His aim is to finish with a bronze and avoid to any over-use injuries in the build-up to the 2015 Comrades Marathon.