Being a witness in hostile places

Reflilwe Lamola talks about being a bold witness even in tough times. She looks at the aspects of Paul in Acts 27-28 as he and his shipmates are caught in a storm and shipwrecked. But throughout Paul remains confident in God’s promises and calls on his companions to trust in God. This is something we can aspire to—to live a life consistent with our beliefs, adapting as we receive greater light and knowledge and sharing what we know and have experienced with others in an effort to bless their lives.
3 Mar 2021 English South Africa Christianity · Self-Improvement

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Arise and shine

It doesn't matter what life has thrown at you, God is saying He has risen upon you. Pastor Pontsho Ngwenya is saying arise and shine, it is a new day. Dust off the dust, trust God's word and arise. Isaiah 60: 1
27 Jul 22 min

Return to the Lord

Pastor Pontsho Ngwenya is talking about returning back to the house of the Lord, may you come back to your senses if you lost your way and come back to your father's house where there's love; peace; healing; protection and restorations. You are loved.
27 Jul 27 min

He is the same Holy Spirit

As faithful as He was of old; He is still faithful even now. He still moves as He did of old, His power is still real even today. Pastor Nozipho Rakolota encourages us to follow Him and do as He says, He always knows what to do and what is…
27 Jul 23 min

Remain in Him

Pastor Pontsho Ngwenya talks about Situations have a tendency of taking us away from God's presence; we should be those who always remember we cannot do anything without Him. He is the true vine and we are the branches, He is life. John 15 : 1 - 7
27 Jul 29 min

A God who changes not

Pastor Pontsho Ngwenya reminds the body of Christ that our God does not change, no situations or circumstances will change Him. He always does what He promises, He is reliable.
27 Jul 27 min