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Morning Delight

Morning Delight hopes to motivate you to continue your journey with the Lord far beyond the radio programme. Typical points of discussion include subjects like renewing your faith, understanding your purpose, the righteousness of God, holiness, prayer, and forgiveness. Refilwe also looks at our Facebook page to stay in touch with trending topics.
Weekly English South Africa Christianity · Self-Improvement
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Arise and shine

It doesn't matter what life has thrown at you, God is saying He has risen upon you. Pastor Pontsho Ngwenya is saying arise and shine, it is a new day. Dust off the dust, trust God's word and arise. Isaiah 60: 1
27 Jul 2023 22 min

Return to the Lord

Pastor Pontsho Ngwenya is talking about returning back to the house of the Lord, may you come back to your senses if you lost your way and come back to your father's house where there's love; peace; healing; protection and restorations. You are loved.
27 Jul 2023 27 min

He is the same Holy Spirit

As faithful as He was of old; He is still faithful even now. He still moves as He did of old, His power is still real even today. Pastor Nozipho Rakolota encourages us to follow Him and do as He says, He always knows what to do and what is…
27 Jul 2023 23 min

Remain in Him

Pastor Pontsho Ngwenya talks about Situations have a tendency of taking us away from God's presence; we should be those who always remember we cannot do anything without Him. He is the true vine and we are the branches, He is life. John 15 : 1 - 7
27 Jul 2023 29 min

A God who changes not

Pastor Pontsho Ngwenya reminds the body of Christ that our God does not change, no situations or circumstances will change Him. He always does what He promises, He is reliable.
27 Jul 2023 27 min

Do not change God with any wrong doing

Pastor Pontsho Ngwenya is talking about never utter any wrong words about God, even when you are going through trying times and tests. Lesson from Job
27 Jul 2023 27 min

Love your neighbors

Refilwe Lamola is talking about loving your neighbors. She look at the fact that why we are to love our neighbors, the negative impact of not loving them, and the benefits of loving them.
5 Mar 2021 1 hr 02 min

Violence and gender-base violence

Refilwe Lamola is talking to Lebogang Tisane about violence holistically. They look at why the violence, what does the scripture says, the causes of gender-based violence, and how to deal with it.
4 Mar 2021 51 min

Finances P2

Refilwe Lamola is talking to Thato about finances. They look into the aspects of how to handle finances when unemployed, what does the Bible say, how to support your family while unemployed, she also gives us her life experiences of staying with granny and how she survived at school until…
3 Mar 2021 51 min

Being a witness in hostile places

Reflilwe Lamola talks about being a bold witness even in tough times. She looks at the aspects of Paul in Acts 27-28 as he and his shipmates are caught in a storm and shipwrecked. But throughout Paul remains confident in God’s promises and calls on his companions to trust in…
3 Mar 2021 56 min

Finances P1

Refilwe Lamola talks about finances. She looks at the aspects of what is finances, why finances, how to handle your finances, and the benefits of being a good steward.
3 Mar 2021 53 min

Being bold to witness about Jesus Christ

Refilwe Lamola looks at Acts 22-23. He looks at how Paul addresses the crowd in Jerusalem that minutes before had been trying to kill him, how bold was Paul when witnessing to the people. How he stood the ground of reaching many souls in the hostile places.
2 Mar 2021 55 min

Is there a right or wrong way to pray?

Refilwe Lamola talks about Is there a right or wrong way to pray? She looks at the aspects of how to pray, ways used in the past and even now, if so what is the best way to approach God in prayer?
2 Mar 2021 52 min

The book of Acts 22

Refilwe Lamola deals with the Book of Acts 19. He looks at Ephesian disciples who are baptized in the Holy Spirit, Paul distinguishes between the baptism of John and baptism in the name of Jesus, He went into the synagogue and spoke boldly for three months:
2 Mar 2021 50 min

Bible study of Book of Acts 17

Refilwe Lamola deals with the Book of Acts 17 and looks at God’s work in Thessalonica, More mob violence against Paul and Silas, Paul and Silas leave Thessalonica by night, More evangelistic success in the city of Berea, God’s work in Athens, Paul tells the Athenians who God is.
3 Dec 2020 20 min

Trust God in your season

Reffilwe Lamola talks about trusting God in your season and she is looking at the book of Genesis 41 where it talks about years of bounty and famine. She encourages everyone to trust God in their season especially during the covid-19 pandemic.
3 Dec 2020 23 min

Lesson learnt during lockdown

Refilwe Lamola talks to Mr. Tumelo Makwela about the lessons learned during the lockdown and what more engagement is needed for families, especially kids who need attention daily. Challenges faced and how to overcome them
3 Dec 2020 17 min

Bible study of Book of Acts 14

Refilwe Lamola looks at the Book of Acts 14 as Paul's first missionary assignment comes to a conclusion. She emphasizes what happens today in relation to Paul's challenges in his first missionary journey, Paul and Barnabas have evangelistic success in Iconium, Successful ministry creates opposition, forcing Paul and Barnabas out…
2 Dec 2020 1 hour

Bible study of Book of Acts 13

Refilwe Lamola looks at the book of Acts 13. Barnabas and Saul are called and sent by the Holy Spirit, the ministry in Antioch, which started with teachers who had journeyed together, including Barnabas, Simeon, and Paul. The disciples of Christ prayed and fasted about their ministry, and their challenges.
2 Dec 2020 47 min

Lockdown Panic

Refilwe Lamola talks to Lebogang Tisane, founder of the ministry called Women For Jesus. They look at the panic brought to many lives by pandemic and lockdown. They look at what lockdown means to us, what type of things we should be engaging in.
2 Dec 2020 15 min
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