The Brain and Brand Show

The Brain and Brand Show

Timothy Maurice Webster is a 4-time bestselling behavioural psychology author.

The Brain and Brand show explores leading global brain insights so you can apply research from Neuroscience and Behavioural science to your personal and professional possibilities.

Timothy is committed to simplifying the science of human and brand behaviour and will bring you leading thought leaders and researchers from around the world.

You’ll be escorted to the edge of your brain’s boundaries and discover more of who you are and how you can influence yourself, others and the world.
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Your Success Superpower, Gratitude

Podcast  | | The Brain and Brand Show
Timothy shares the science of gratitude, and then speaks to people about their journey with gratitude. We often think superpowers come in the form of major tools and changes, but this episode demonstrates that your power can come in unexpected forms.
1 Dec 12 min

Mental Clarity Inspired by Art with Dr Judith Peck

Podcast  | | The Brain and Brand Show
Timothy interviews Dr Judith Peck, the author of ‘Art and Social Interaction’, about how art and the artistic process can boost mental clarity, self-esteem, increase capacity to communicate, and increase personal capacity overall. They also discuss how to set up systems within an organisation to deliver art programmes to increase…
17 Nov 39 min

Body Language of a Cheater with Dr. Stephen Furlich

Podcast  | | The Brain and Brand Show
Timothy explores advanced body language science with Dr. Stephen Furlich, the author of ‘Nonverbal Epiphany: Steps to Improve your Nonverbal Communication’. They unpack how to use your body to be more attractive, more powerful, gain more compliance, how to detect cheating and connect with people from different cultures.
3 Nov 40 min

Your New Brain with Neuroscientist, Dr Joseph Jebelli

Podcast  | | The Brain and Brand Show
Timothy and neuroscientist Dr Joseph Jebelli - author of 'How the Mind Changed: A Human History of Our Evolving Brain’ - explore what the changing brain means to your identity… why society has advanced faster than our brain, and what that means for creatives and leaders who lead complex teams…
27 Oct 48 min

Tasting Success, Tasting Better to Others

Podcast  | | The Brain and Brand Show
Timothy shares how the brain is wired for humans to taste each other, and why understanding how you taste is key to being successful.
20 Oct 10 min

Your Younger Brain with Guy Odishaw

Podcast  | | The Brain and Brand Show
Timothy sits down with Guy Odishaw to explore how you can rewire your brain for more youthfulness, reverse ageing, and optimal mental health. Odishaw is a Craniosacral Therapist and founder of Bhakti Wellness Center, and he’s on a mission to help your brain stay youthful, longer!
21 Sep 57 min

Trust and Why we Lie with Jeffrey Meshel

Podcast  | | The Brain and Brand Show
Timothy speaks to Jeffrey Meshel, author of ‘Trust Is a Double-Edged Sword: Trust Me’, about understanding the relationship between trust, lies and the truth - and how to learn to trust your gut. They explore how Meshel nearly lost it all because he trusted a psychopath business partner, and how…
14 Sep 29 min

Reconnecting with your 13-year-old Self

Podcast  | | The Brain and Brand Show
Timothy asks women from a variety of backgrounds to share the advice they would give their 13-year-old selves. The goal of this episode is to inspire you to interrogate your journey and unpack the lessons you’ve learned, and perhaps, to pay these insights forward.
8 Sep 11 min

ReImagining Happiness

Podcast  | | The Brain and Brand Show
Timothy Maurice explores happiness through the brain. This episode will help you reimagine what it means to be happy, and then design new ways to help you maintain a happiness mindset. He also shares his grassroots research about happiness.
1 Sep 20 min

How Different Genders Perceive Differently with Dr Stephen A. Furlich

Podcast  | | The Brain and Brand Show
Timothy speaks to Dr Stephen A. Furlich about his new book 'Sex Talk', which explains how men and women hear and communicate with each other differently. They explore the science of connecting with the other sex on a personal and professional level, and offer practical strategies on how to overcome…
18 Aug 49 min

From Unhappy to a Happy Brain with Dr Loretta Breuning

Podcast  | | The Brain and Brand Show
Timothy explores how to make your brain happy with Dr Loretta Breuning, author of ‘Habits of a Happy Brain’. They discuss why and how the brain produces unhappiness, and how to rewire your brain to experience more happiness. Dr Breuning shares practical strategies on how to develop your action plan…
11 Aug 28 min

Uncovering the Mystery of Personality with John Hackston

Podcast  | | The Brain and Brand Show
Timothy speaks to the Myers-Briggs Company’s Head of Thought Leadership, John Hackston, about how understanding the mystery of personality can help you compete and be a better leader and master relationships.
3 Aug 31 min

Designing for Neuroplasticity

Podcast  | | The Brain and Brand Show
Timothy speaks to Rob Porter, who has over 25 years of instructional custom design and eLearning programme experience about how to design culture, learning and spaces to help you and your teams achieve more. Timothy also shares 3 tips from Neuroscientist Dr Tara Swart, about how to ensure your brain…
27 Jul 37 min

Magic Words with Wharton School Professor, Jonah Berger

Podcast  | | The Brain and Brand Show
Timothy speaks with New York Times bestselling author Jonah Berger, about his cutting edge research on the power of words in his latest book, ‘Magic Words’ to help persuade others in teams, in love, creativity, branding, sales and even in family.
20 Jul 27 min

Change with Franklin Covey’s Dr Christi Phillips

Podcast  | | The Brain and Brand Show
Timothy speaks with Dr Christi Phillips, a co-author of 'Change: How to Turn Uncertainty into Opportunity'. Dr Phillips is Franklin Covey’s Director of Learning, Development and Inclusion... and a pioneering voice in Change Leadership. They explore change on a personal and professional level through the lens of brain science.
13 Jul 35 min

What People Can’t Tell You with Melina Palmer

Podcast  | | The Brain and Brand Show
Timothy speaks to Melina Palmer, author of ‘What your Customer Wants and Can’t Tell You’, about simple ways to get more out of relationships by understanding what people are unable to tell you, and how to reframe the said and unsaid. Melina consults and teaches on the subject of behavioural…
6 Jul 37 min

Your Peaking Brain with Dr Edward Hess and Banesa Tseki

Podcast  | | The Brain and Brand Show
Timothy speaks to Dr Edward D Hess - Professor Emeritus of Business Administration at the Darden School of Business, and the author of ‘Own Your Work Journey: The Path to Meaningful Work and Happiness in the Age of Smart Technology and Radical Change’. They discuss how to position yourself for…
28 Jun 36 min

Rewiring your Brain for Performance with Ben Ahrens

Podcast  | | The Brain and Brand Show
Timothy sits down with Ben Ahrens, the co-founder of Re-Origin - a firm helping you rewire your brain to break the cycle of chronic illness and anxiety, and ultimately to perform at a high level. They explore Ben’s incredible story of personal recovery, and how you can use simple techniques…
21 Jun 34 min

Former CEO of eBay, U.S. Ambassador to Kenya: Meg Whitman

Podcast  | | The Brain and Brand Show
Timothy delves into the mind of the former CEO of eBay, the former CEO of Hewlett Packard, and the former VP of Disney, who is now the US Ambassador to Kenya. She shares her insights on the importance of changing narratives for brands, nation branding, gender dynamics in leadership, and…
17 May 11 min

The Science of Moods and Finger Tapping with Dr Dawson Church

Podcast  | | The Brain and Brand Show
Timothy brings you a conversation with Dr Dawson Church, author of ‘Bliss Brain’. They explore the science of moods and easy ways to heal from trauma. Dr Church is the founder of the EFT Universe, exploring Emotional Freedom Techniques for healing and emotional liberation.
9 May 40 min
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