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In conversation with Ross Holland from Abenzi Africa - an African story in your

In a world of instants Abenzi Africa, a local furniture manufacturer, stands apart. There is nothing “instant” about this socially conscious brand. From the raw materials to the hands that craft the bespoke items, Abenzi Africa honours every element of the process. Working with the unique grain pattern of every…
27 Jul 2022 8 min

Kinesiologist & Enneagram expert - Kerry van Huyssteen.

In conversation with what she likes to call a “complimentary” therapist - Kerry van Huyssteen from Ember connect. Kerry helps her clients navigate life and it’s challenges by helping them understand who they are according to the enneagram profiling system which she implements in her kinesiology practice (a discipline of…
21 Jul 2022 17 min

Thursday - In conversation with local artist Zinhle from @my.basketshop

Zinhle is young artist and entrepreneur who has elevated woven crafts made by her local community by adding designer touches and giving them a voice on Instagram @my.basketshop Their stock was damaged by the floods and those with minor blemishes are being sold at reduced prices. (They have a stall…
21 Apr 2022 7 min

Join the first annual Easter Country Fair.

In conversation with Michelle and Gabby (lead organiser and chairlady of 40 years) of the popular Ballito Christmas Fair Fund, ahead of the first Easter Country Fair happening on 14 & 15 April at Colisheen Estate.
6 Apr 2022 11 min

1000km Unity Walk

Today, we caught up with Dwain Swiegers and Father Stephens ahead of their 1000km Unity Walk (starting 23 April), a fundraiser for Gyms4Africa and the Napier Centre of Healing. Join the event (Unity Walk 2022) on Facebook:
5 Apr 2022 12 min
12 – 32