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Evolution Space Chats with Divinity

It is in our stories that we see each other, Evolution Space Chats is where we get to travel to different places through conversations , where we find pieces and parts of us in others that bring us back home better and whole.

With different guests each week, we dig deep and engage in their experiences, how those have affected their lives ,mental state ,wellness and how they are practically not only continuously showing up but holding up space for others.

May you with each story know that you are not alone, that you are the hero of your life, worthy, able and good enough. To get up every day equipped and encouraged to go on whole heartedly.
Weekly English South Africa Self-Improvement · Health & Fitness
20 Episodes

Being resolute and taking control of your healing

Sometimes we need to trust that everything that we go through will eventually work together for our good. We may not know when and how, but as the saying goes, we need to trust the process. Divinity Roji this week is joined by Dr Lerato Masemola known as Dr Lerato…
27 Jun 2022 35 min

Dealing with Postpartum Depression

Becoming a mom is a beautiful experience that comes with so many changes. Some of these changes and challenges that a new mom faces may lead to extreme sadness, despair and anxiety. These are commonly known as baby blues and can last about a week. Longer than this though becomes…
20 Jun 2022 28 min

Attempting suicide to prioritizing mental wellness

Finding oneself is a challenge that is faced by many adults but imagine a child that finds themselves in that struggle. That coupled with seeing what you thought was your foundation fall apart. There is no building anything without a foundation, without the materials to do so. One of the…
10 Jun 2022 43 min

Perseverance through adversity

Finding purpose through pain may seem like a cliché but that is the story of Nonceba Ndukula who joined Divinity Roji in studio to share her journey. Nonceba is the founder of Nabai Foundation which provides support and mentorship to young women and girls. In this episode, she shares growing…
5 Jun 2022 31 min

Adulting in the 21st century

The term adulting refers to the assumption of tasks that relate to normal grown up life and comes with the implication that one is not particularly ready to identify as an adult. In most instances when the term is used, the person using it, feels burdened by the responsibilities of…
28 May 2022 42 min

Embracing healing and finding gratitude

For us to heal, we have got to be able to admit that, first we are not well and secondly that we need help. The healing journey is one that will always requires us to be intentional in showing up for ourselves. In this episode, Divinity Roji speaks to actress…
22 May 2022 36 min

We are what we eat

While food is part of our daily lives, it is not often that we think about what it is that goes into our bodies and how it makes us feel. Drawing from her life experiences and healing journey, Raine Dunn offers a variety of different services to enable people to…
9 May 2022 40 min

What makes our relationships healthy and well

When we considering what makes a good and healthy relationship we hardly ever actually put ourselves as the people in the relationship on the list. We have all seen the step list that consists of different do’s and don’ts, right and wrongs but miss the key component of which are…
22 Apr 2022 48 min

What is workplace toxicity and how are we custodians of change

With a lot of people going back into the workplace and anxieties are flared, this makes us forced to face the elephant that has been in the room of work place toxicity. It is as though working from home had provided an escape that was desperately needed and employees are…
11 Apr 2022 46 min

Confronting dysfunction and healing from trauma

We often go through life carrying the expectation of what it will be like when we have gotten to a certain place and achieved certain things. We find ourselves romanticising the ideas of the things that we want and we feel that we need, all the while not living in…
31 Jan 2022 47 min


Spirituality is such a big part of our lives and different people describe it in different ways because each experience can be subjective to one’s own journey. In this conversation with Bunny Majaja, it becomes evident that speaking about spirituality is speaking about life. The conversation encompasses identity and purpose…
24 Jan 2022 41 min

Imposter Syndrome and Daring Greatly

Few things, if there are any, compare going through life feeling like you are not good enough and having a listening to a little voice that makes you doubt yourself and your achievements, moreover that makes you afraid of going for the things that you want to attain. In this…
17 Jan 2022 45 min

Living a positive life

Keeping a positive attitude is what enables us to live a positive life but it feels more of a stretch each day with all the negativity that surrounds us. Speaking to Danielle Grotewold in this episode put emphasis on the reality that being intentional is the only way. Counsellor, Palesa…
10 Jan 2022 37 min

Healing, Growth and Self – Development

In our lives there is a constant moving and shifting as we grow into different parts of ourselves and our journey. It is important that we are attuned with the different seasons and times that we find ourselves in, with it being the end of the year; I believe that…
9 Dec 2021 44 min

Loss, healing and spirituality

Loss is not easy to deal with and while there may be expectations on how we grieve, we ultimately have to embrace our own unique path. For Edna, Nelson, she took to penning down a book titled Full Circle. She joins me in this conversation to talk about losing her…
2 Dec 2021 32 min

Wellness support in relationships

It is a gift to have people walk the wellness journey with you and support you in the way that you need. We’ve heard the saying that if you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far, go together. In this episode we speak to Skhumbuzo…
25 Nov 2021 43 min

Normalizing the wellness conversation

Dr Samke Ngcobo is a medical doctor who was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder at the age of 14. We speak to her about her lived experience with the disorder, how it influenced her choice of career, the cultural and traditional stigma she had to face but most importantly the self-shame…
18 Nov 2021 44 min

Business and Mental Health

We often don’t realise how we embody all of the experiences we go through and never expect our experiences to manifest themselves in the different areas of our lives at a later stage. In this week’s episode, Divinity has a conversation with Smangele Sibisi on Business and Mental Health. The…
13 Nov 2021 37 min

Navigating the wellness journey

When we speak about wellness, we often think about physical wellness, but there is so much more to the concept. In this episode, we delve into the different aspects of wellness with Christian counsellor Laetitia Vambili, who shares some of her experiences in her wellness journey. 
8 Nov 2021 44 min

Welcome to Evolution Space Chats

Welcome to Evolution Space Chats where we hold up space for each other to embrace our evolution. Let’s grow together in the journey of becoming equipping each other in the journey of wellness. We are better and stronger together. Be sure to follow us here so that you don’t miss…
19 Oct 2021 1 min