That 80s Show

Shoulder pads, Rubik’s cubes, luminous clothes, angsty movies... and of course loads of factoids. Paulo and Dori are living in the past - and loving it!
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That 80s Show meets Simon Halfon

We just wanted to talk to someone involved in the Wham! documentary.  Instead we found Simon Halfon, a man who has played such a unique role in iconic albums from The Style Council, The Jam, Kim Wilde, Oasis and George Michael. He tells us how he got involved in designing album covers, his…
3 Aug 32 min

When Rob Lowe says '80s... | It happened on Number 150! | '80s Cow-Reoke

****BEFORE YOU READ THAT READ THIS**** We've been nominated in the Best Music Podcast in the APVA Awards. Please vote for us here, just scroll down to music: Mr T, Rob Lowe, Demi Moore and a shirtless George Michael all in the opening few minutes - that's why we're…
28 Jul 1 hr 01 min

Chunging our Wangs | Skinny Dipping with Jane Fonda | A vinegary Russian

We promise that we had a running order for this week's show, but once Dori brought up Panburgers we took a very weird detour that Chunged our Wangs. Pac-Man, paint-stripping '80s vinegar, skinny dipping with Jane Fonda, another - more obvious - name for the keytar, Paulo being blocked by…
26 May 46 min
12 – 32