Calm, Clear & Helpful

If worry, heartache, a difficult relationship or other issues are keeping you awake, listening to "Calm, Clear & Helpful" can help you find comfort and clarity. Ever-curious journalist Mariette Snyman interviews an array of experts on emotional health, love relationships, sexual matters, parenting, and other challenges. Join us for fresh insights, practical know-how, and for conversations from the heart.

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Ep. 88 How to manage conflict in your personal relationships

None of us is immune to relationship fallouts. Counselling psychologist Dr. Hannetjie van Zyl-Edeling clarifies what conflict entails, its purpose, causes and effects, and explains what happens in your body during a quarrel. She recommends rules for fair fighting and reveals the secret behind handling disagreements really well. Insight Timer The Tapping Solution Hannetjie debunks 3 ageing myths

Ep. 87 Understanding and navigating the phases of change

Our lives are marked by change – sudden or gradual, distressing or exhilarating. Although life-changing transitions may be unexpected, the change cycle itself follows a predictable course. Getting to know its 4 phases can help us navigate change to reach the best outcomes, says master transformation coach Liezl Thom. She adds helpful insights and practical tips. Liezl on being an empath

Ep. 86 Can you build psychological well-being through immersion in nature?

Do you need to be immersed in nature - yay or nay? Positive psychology coach Erica Terblanche tells us what science says about nature restoration, shares her deep involvement with nature as an endurance athlete, and tells mesmerising tales about kayaking with small groups in Greece. Discover a fresh approach to challenge, transformation and agency. Erica on the science of happiness

Ep. 85 Are you a tired, sleep-deprived mom?

Occupational therapist Tanya Muir sheds light on sleep problems encountered by parents, babies and young children. Combining evidence-based solutions with her experience as a mom, Tanya explains how sleep deprivation can affect caregivers’ physical and mental health, weight loss after pregnancy, and love relationships. She offers practical interventions for getting better sleep all round.

Ep. 82 The science of happiness: develop these key habits

Positive psychology coach Erica Terblanche explains how to integrate scientifically proven building blocks of happiness into your life – including practising micro moments of connection, setting worthwhile goals, and discovering what you mean to others. Drawing from her experience as an international endurance athlete, Erica offers her personal insights into high performance and thriving.

Ep. 81 Seksuele molestering: ‘n potensieel beperkende ervaring

Seksuele molestering en verkragting is algemener as wat ons dink en die oortreders is dikwels vertrouelinge. Pastorale narratiewe terapeut dr. Marietjie van Loggerenberg praat deernisvol oor die gepaardgaande trauma, misplaaste skaamte en skuldgevoelens, en geheimhouding. Sy verduidelik hoe seksuele misbruik in narratiewe terapie benader word: as jy seksueel gemolesteer is, kán jy jou beperkende identiteitsverhaal herskryf. Sensitiewe inhoud, vir volwasse luisteraars bedoel. Vrae wat die ouers van gay kinders vra Raad vir die ouers van 'n gay kind Lees oor Marietjie as mens

Ep. 80 Are YOU an empath?

Do you feel others’ emotions in your body? Are you sometimes called “too sensitive”? Master transformation coach Liezl Thom explains how this gift can become a curse – but that awareness of what’s going on, realising that you can choose not to experience others’ feelings, and learning how to close yourself off when necessary will transform you into an empowered empath. Liezl: a map for change

Ep. 79 Why we never experience challenge without support

Candidly sharing a series of personal challenges, homeopath and transformational health coach Dr. Loretta Ferrucci explains how she uncovered the support embedded in them, and gained significant insights into herself and her true needs. She discusses our tendency to view reality in a one-sided way and offers a more satisfying alternative. Loretta's podcast on creating health Loretta's podcast on your

Ep. 78 Three good-to-know points impacting your weight, health and autoimmunity

When experiencing weight, health or image challenges, we tend to focus on what we eat. In fact, mind-body eating and wellness coach Bev Liebson says, food issues are connected to our personal and work relationships, sexuality, fulfilment, etc. Sharing her journey with severe autoimmune conditions and nine miscarriages, Bev explains how she returned to health - also discussing stress eating, toxic nutritional beliefs, and being mindful of what you really need.

Ep. 77 Cognitive empathy: what it is and why it’s important for leadership

"Collective resilience is the critical ingredient to preventing burnout in a rapidly accelerating world,” says neurologist Dr. Etienne van der Walt. He explains why humans naturally aggregate in groups, how group composition impacts on performance, why social and psychological safety are essential, and how cognitive empathy fits into the puzzle – all within the context of brain structure and function.

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