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Calm, Clear & Helpful

If anxiety, heartache, a difficult relationship or other issues are keeping you awake, listening to "Calm, Clear & Helpful" can bring you comfort and clarity. Ever-curious journalist Mariette Snyman interviews a range of experts on emotional health, love relationships, sexual matters, parenting, and life's many challenges. Join us each Tuesday for fresh insights, practical know-how, and for conversations from the heart.
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Ep. 120 Conscious journalling: access your body-mind and change your life

Learning to operate the different “gears” of the mind can help us grow still, access our creativity, accept and express our emotions, and follow our internal compass. Educational psychologist Dr. Elsi Meyer explains how conscious journalling fosters perspective, wholeness, healing, and a joyful life.
6 Jun 34 min

Ep. 119 Power gateways of menopause: rewrite your narrative

Is menopause the beginning of the end, or the start of a woman’s most creative years? Positive psychology coach and international endurance athlete Erica Terblanche explains how, instead of growing “invisible”, women can develop courage and compelling visions for their lives. Sharing her own gruelling journey, she offers practical tools…
30 May 1 hr 13 min

Ep. 118 Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: stop struggling with negative emotions

How would your life change if you could genuinely accept your inner world and align your actions with what matters to you? Counselling psychologist Bertus Swanepoel introduces Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, an evidence-based model focused on behaviour change. ACT addresses anxiety, mood disorders, chronic pain, overeating and other challenges by…
23 May 56 min

Ep. 117 How to slow down ageing: Blue Zones and nutrigenomics

What’s the secret behind the healthy centenarians of the Blue Zone areas? Functional medicine health coach Anita Hamilton-Williams discusses connectivity, natural movement, down-shifting, a diet rich in bio-actives, and other factors contributing to these individuals’ well-being. Her practical tips can help you incorporate some of these habits into your life.
16 May 34 min

Ep. 116 Spiritual tour to Ireland: reconnecting with nature and lifetimes past

Angel whisperer Belinda Bras-Nel describes a 10-day pilgrimage to Ireland, aimed at reconnecting with nature in a profound way and experiencing past life energies. Listen to stories about myth and legend, visiting sacred sites, meditating in stone circles, light-hearted experiences, growing in trust and surrender, but – above all –…
2 May 1 hr 11 min

Ep. 115 Effective communication: Can your parenting style help prevent narcissism?

The causes contributing to the development of narcissism are complex and include genetics, neurobiology, and environmental factors such as culture and parenting. Body language expert Tania Steyn discusses parenting style as one possible contributor to the development of narcissistic traits and explains how effective nonverbal communication - including eye contact,…
25 Apr 49 min

Ep. 114 Better sex: understanding the brain-body connection

Clinical sexologist Catriona Boffard discusses the most important sex organ, the brain: its role in arousal, why the mind and the body aren’t always on the same page, common misconceptions regarding sexual intimacy, and the importance of feeling safe. She clarifies the dual control model, false versus realistic expectations, and…
18 Apr 36 min

Ep. 113 Retirement: prepare yourself mentally and emotionally

Retirement provides you with an excellent opportunity to create a meaningful life. How does one manage this transition? Suzette Serfontein unpacks the Mind Moves® Institute’s neuroscience-based Rewire to Retire programme - helping you optimise your mindset, understand your personal brain dominance profile, prime your brain through targeted movement, and successfully…
11 Apr 44 min

Ep. 112 What happens when your pet dies and how to approach euthanasia

Losing a beloved animal companion is traumatic; gaining clarity can comfort grieving owners. International animal communicator Jenny Shone discusses how a soul crosses over, practical things that can help owners and pets left behind to cope with this loss, and guidelines concerning the need to intentionally end an animal’s life.
4 Apr 40 min

Ep. 111 Starting a family? Crucial questions on parenting, pregnancy and birth

Prospective parents often find decisions regarding birth route, birth care provider, caring for a newborn, etc. daunting. BabyGym instructor and childbirth educator Cozette Laubser offers guidance on being ready for parenthood, financial concerns, choosing experts wisely, babies’ brain development, skin-to-skin contact, practical decision making, and reducing the stress parenthood brings.
28 Mar 1 hr 05 min

Midlife women: overcoming fatigue, low mood and weight gain

Many menopausal and perimenopausal women lack down-to-earth support. Functional medicine health coach Anita Hamilton-Williams explains which hormonal and other changes trigger certain symptoms. She discusses practical solutions - including targeted nutrition - from a holistic and bio-individual viewpoint, bearing in mind the role of stress. Most of all, Anita offers…
21 Mar 49 min

Ep. 109 Postnatal depression: when to get help

South Africa is one of the 5 countries with the highest postpartum depression rates worldwide. The stigma attached to this condition makes it hard for new moms to admit they’re not coping. Counselling psychologist Luricka Fick discusses the causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of postnatal depression, the question of “fantasy…
14 Mar 46 min

Ep. 108 Living a life of reverence

What does experiencing reverence for life, nature and your own body really mean? Angel whisperer Belinda Bras-Nel discusses allowing your subtle body to connect with that of other beings or objects; how to honour life as a creative experience facilitating your journey, instead of a struggle for survival; and practical…
7 Mar 40 min

Ep. 107 Discovering your power in the dark: load shedding & other challenges

South Africans are daily plunged into the dark by intermittent electricity supply – but have we been robbed of our inner energy? Rudi Swanepoel explains how we can channel our personal power in a solution-focused way, the benefits of harnessing group energy, and how parents can use their energy to…
28 Feb 55 min

Ep. 106 BWRT Level 3: relief from chronic illnesses, autoimmune diseases and chr

Counselling psychologist Doreen Hofmeyr explains how BrainWorking® Recursive Therapy Level 3 targets the psychological aspects and underpinnings of physiological conditions like fibromyalgia. She discusses BWRT Level 1, 2 and 3; how fight/flight triggers are deactivated to create desired responses; and how Level 3 work accomplishes emotional relief and the best…
21 Feb 56 min

Ep. 105 Understanding functional medicine and its benefits

Functional medicine, an individualised approach that treats not by symptom but by cause, leads to more lasting results. Functional medicine health coach Anita Hamilton-Williams discusses its success regarding chronic conditions; its focus on genetics, biochemistry, nutrition, lifestyle and behaviour changes; and why genetics needn’t determine our disease profile. She mentions…
14 Feb 38 min

Ep. 104 OCD within the context of COVID-19: the key issues

How have individuals with OCD been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic? Prof. Christine Lochner discusses global research findings regarding the prevalence rates, severity and the risk factors – including being single, a student or having sleep disturbances. Interesting: certain OCD symptoms may have developed to ensure the survival of our…
7 Feb 49 min

Ep. 103 Micro-mastermind groups: the how and why

Dedicated to Di-Di Hoffman, who passed away a week after this recording. We honour his wisdom, strategic thinking and warm-hearted support enhancing countless lives. Have you discovered the potency and growth potential of mastermind groups? Business development specialist Di-Di Hoffman explains what masterminding is, its objectives and benefits, and how…
31 Jan 34 min

Ep. 102 Só kan jy meer kreatief leef

Kan dit wees dat élkeen van ons kreatief is en ons skeppendheid deur speelsheid kan herontdek? RSG-programbestuurder en kreatiwiteitsafrigter Kobus Burger verduidelik hoe om struikelblokke in ons pad te systap, vergete drome te herwin, en op moontlikheidsdenke te fokus. Hy gee praktiese wenke om kreatiwiteit maklik en vinnig in ons…
3 Jan 49 min

Ep. 101 Non-verbal communication: secrets women should know

Understanding the differences in the way men and women communicate can ease life at work and at home. Through her science-backed work, body language expert Tania Steyn reconnects people with their “primary language” by increasing self-awareness. She points out dissimilarities between the sexes’ communication styles, and non-verbal behaviour traps women…
27 Dec 2022 45 min
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