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If worry, heartache, a difficult relationship or other issues are keeping you awake, listening to "Calm, Clear & Helpful" can help you find comfort and clarity. Ever-curious journalist Mariette Snyman interviews an array of experts on emotional health, love relationships, sexual matters, parenting, and other challenges. Join us for fresh insights, practical know-how, and for conversations from the heart.

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Ep. 38 The impact of trauma and chronic stress on the body

Clinical psychologist Heleen Loubser explains how trauma and chronic stress affect the body, contributing to emotional problems and physical health conditions. She discusses the fight/flight/freeze response, what happens when a survival response is not completed and which symptoms may follow. Heleen shows how these adverse effects can be addressed through body-based therapies such as SE, TRE, EMDR, EMI, BWRT and hypnotherapy.
Sensitive content: rape is mentioned, but not discussed.

Ep. 37 Balancing family relationships when a parent has a limiting condition

A parent’s loss of capacity can be temporary or long-term and may include physical disability, mental health issues, ageing - even stress. Low vision consultant Jenny Webster describes how changing your thinking around limitation can help you find practical solutions, foster independence, and ease relationships. She talks about the challenges, bonuses and what keeps her going on her journey with vision loss.

Ep. 36 What would you like to tell your 16-year-old self?

What happened when you were sixteen? Were you dealing with challenges, triumphs, or a monotonous existence? Counselling psychologist Eleen Polson invites us to reflect on our own, inner 16-year-old self in ways that help us reconnect with our body, creativity, and free-flowing feminine energy, and explains how sisterhood can nourish this experience.

Ep. 35 Covid grief and grieving: how BWRT can help

Losing a loved one has always been hard, but the pandemic has led to people dying alone in hospital, impacted on funerals, and contributed to a lack of closure in those left behind. Clinical psychologist Rafiq Lockhat describes how bereavement entails shock, functioning on autopilot, grappling with anger, sadness and guilt, and negotiating the readjustment phase. He explains how BrainWorking® Recursive Therapy can relieve intense pain in the case of normal as well as complicated grief.
Sensitive content: suicide is mentioned. Sponsored content.

Ep. 34 Independence in love relationships: the key to intimacy

We all have the need to love and be loved, but sometimes we seem to grow apart instead of closer. Surprisingly, developing our individuality can strengthen intimacy. Sexuality counsellor André Webster explains different aspects of intimacy and offers tools for uncovering our own and our partners’ “back stories”, facilitating our individuation, and overcoming gridlock.

Ep. 33 Premature ejaculation: causes, solutions, and how to talk about it

Premature ejaculation may affect up to one in three men, causing emotional distress and complicating intimate relationships. This is unnecessary since the condition is easy to treat. Dr. Jireh Serfontein - medical doctor, sexologist and clinical head of MySexualHealth Pretoria – responds to podcast host Mariette Snyman’s questions regarding PE, its possible causes, diagnosis and treatment, and offers advice to loving partners.
Sensitive content: this episode contains a candid discussion of sexual practices and is intended for adult listeners.

Ep. 31: Non-violent communication: this is how it works

Non-violent communication, pioneered by Marshall Rosenberg, involves a paradigm shift that makes us more aware of our feelings, fosters respect for ourselves and others, and deepens connection. Counselling psychologist Eleen Polson tells podcast host Mariette Snyman how we can get our needs met by moving away from judgement, blame, expectations and demands and by expressing our position in an authentic, non-threatening manner.

Ep. 30: Mind Dynamix: explore your brain in 3D

No-one enters the world with an operating manual for their brain - but developmental specialist Dr. Melodie de Jager’s neuroscience-based programme, Mind Dynamix, comes close. Understanding your integrated profile, your strengths, and how your brain functions under stress sheds light on the extent to which you fit into your work context, intimate relationship, etc. Moreover, you can use targeted movements to rewire your brain for a more fulfilled life. This podcast includes an exercise which will help you discover your preferred sensory modality. Sponsored content.

Ep. 29 How BWRT can help manage bipolar disorder

Clinical psychologist Dr. Elisa Mecco explains to podcast host Mariette Snyman the definition of bipolar disorder, its subtypes, possible causes, symptoms and treatment. She describes the success she sees in her practice applying BrainWorking Recursive Therapy and offers advice to the loved ones of individuals with bipolar disorder. Elisa considers it possible to live a fully independent life if this mood disorder is managed efficiently. Sponsored content.

Ep. 28 This is how specialised physiotherapy can ease painful sex

Are you familiar with pelvic floor physiotherapy? Hester van Aswegen introduces us to her work with male and female patients who experience pelvic floor dysfunction. Regarding women who find sexual intercourse painful she talks about the causes, symptoms, and treatment – including breathing and manual release techniques, and the use of dilators – and the results she sees in her specialised physiotherapy practice.
Sensitive content: Please note that this episode contains references to sexual practices and is intended for adult listeners.

Ep. 27 Covid-19: are you experiencing survivor’s guilt?

When you survive a life-threatening situation, pandemic or other trauma during which someone else suffered or died, you may be overcome by guilt. This is commonly known as “survivor’s guilt”. Specialist psychiatrist Dr Kerryn Armstrong talks about “Covid-19 survivor’s guilt”, possible causes, signs, treatment, and its relationship to post-traumatic stress disorder. She offers practical strategies for coping and regaining your trust in yourself and the world.

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