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Discussions around the challenges that travellers with disabilities face when visiting tourism establishments, conversations with industry leaders on best practices being implemented, and empowerment for those wishing to embark on this universal access journey.

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43 - Elizabeth Maphike on Travelling as a Person who is Blind

In this episode, our host, Lois Strachan, chats with Elizabeth Maphike. Elizabeth became blind as an adult and the first time she travelled outside of her home city was after she lost her sight.

Elizabeth is the provincial chairperson of the Western Cape branch of the South African National Council for the Blind.

Follow Elizabeth's blog on:
Literature with Love by Liz : https://www.facebook.com/bethslit

Today's travel quote is from the actor, Sir Richard Burton: "Of the gladdest moments in human life, methinks, is the departure upon a distant journey into unknown lands."

This episode was edited by Craig Strachan using the Hindenburg Software. Credits read by Musa E. Zulu.

42 - Climbing Kilimanjaro with Chaeli Mycroft (Part 2)

Following on from the previous episode, Lois Strachan continues the conversation with Chaeli Mycroft, an ability activist in Cape Town, South Africa.

In this episode, Chaeli speaks about summiting mount Kilimanjaro and shares some of her other experiences travelling internationally in her wheelchair.

Today's travel quote Simon Raven: "Since life is short and the world is wide, the sooner you start exploring it, the better."

This episode was edited by Craig Strachan using the Hindenburg software. Credits read by Musa E Zulu.

41 - Climbing Kili with Chaeli (Part 1)

In this episode, Lois Strachan chats with Chaeli Mycroft, an ability activist based in Cape Town, South Africa, about a number of topics related to accessible travel and Chaeli's summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak on the African continent.

This episode was edited by Craig Strachan using the Hindenburg software. Credits read by Musa E Zulu.

40 - Discussing Disability Inclusion with Jeremy Opperman

In this episode, marking our 2 year anniversary, Lois Strachan has a conversation with Jeremy Opperman who is a disability inclusion consultant, and they discuss how this impacts the travel and tourism industry.

Today's travel quote is by Melody Truong: "I'm in love with cities I've never been to, and people I've never met."

This episode was edited by Craig Strachan using the Hindenburg software. Credits read by Musa E Zulu.

39 - Travel Without Limits with Julie Jones

Lois Strachan interviews Julie Jones from Sydney, Australia. Julie is the founder of an online platform, Have Wheelchair Will Travel, and the co-founder and editor of the magazine,Travel Without Limits.

Julie's son was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at the age of 5 months and they have travelled extensively as a family. As a result and with her background in tourism, she realised the need for information on accessible travel and as such the review website and magazine were born.

Website links:
Have Wheelchair Will Travel | havewheelchairwilltravel.net
Travel Without Limits | www.travelwithoutlimits.com.au

September marks the 2 year anniversary of the Accessible South Africa Podcast. We invite listeners to submit questions on accessible travel, about our travels as individuals, or the organisation, Accessible South Africa. You can send these through on podcast@accessiblesouthafrica.co.za - these will be compiled into an episode of our podcast.

Today's travel quote is by travel writer, Tim Cahill: "A journey is best measured in friends rather than in miles"

38 - Able2Travel with Tarryn Tomlinson

In part 2 of the interview with Tarryn Tomlinson, host Lois Strachan chats with her about her company, Able2Travel and the work she is doing in the tourism and hospitality industries.

Tarryn is a writer for Mango Airline's magazine, a consultant on accessibility within the tourism industry, and the founder of an organisation helping underpriviliged children with music and art therapy.Tarryn is also a wheelchair user due to rheumatoid arthritis since the age of 19 years old.

Watch the Promo video for Able2Travel:

A reality travel and lifestyle show. Exploring adventure, culture, food and wine, luxury spaces, almost impossible life quests for most...
But not for this girl who just so happens to be in a wheelchair.


"Wherever you go, go with all your heart." Confucius

This episode was edited by Craig Strachan using the Hindenburg Software. Credits read by Musa E Zulu.

37 - Tarryn Tomlinson on Conquering Kilimanjaro

In this episode, Lois Strachan chats with Tarryn Tomlinson about her recent expedition up Mount Kilimanjaro in her wheelchair.

Tarryn is a consultant in the hospitality industry and a social activist. She is the founder of Able2Travel, and the Bambini Dream Foundation Trust, an NPO that provides music and art therapy to underprivileged children. She also writes for Mango Airlines regarding accessibility and accessible travel.

Today's quote is by Aesop: "Adventure is worthwhile."

This episode was edited by Craig Strachan using the Hindenburg software. Credits read by Musa E Zulu.

36 - Insights into the Travel Industry with Rajes Govender

In this episode, Lois Strachan speaks with Rajes Govender, a travel agent from Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. She is founder and co-owner of Consolidated Travel. She shares her insights into the travel industry and her own experiences as a traveller with a disability. Rajes had a motor car accident 18 years ago and lost both her lower limbs.

Today's travel quote is by André Gides: "Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore."

This episode was edited by Craig Strachan using the Hindenburg Software. Credits read by Musa E Zulu.

35 - Standing out from the crowd with paralympian & professional speaker, Darren Harris

Lois Strachan speaks with paralympian and professional speaker, Darren Harris, about his extensive travels, participation in the paralympics his speaking career.

Darren is visually impaired, living in the UK and loves helping people stand out from the crowd, follow their dreams, not be shut down by the masses, and to become torch bearers who break new ground for all of us.

This episode was edited by Craig Strachan using the Hindenberg Software. Credits read by Musa E Zulu.

34 - Cruising with Dr Kim Lewis

Lois Strachan speaks with Dr Kim Lewis who is a General Practitioner by trade, and due to brain inflammation, lost her sight 3 years ago. Kim speaks with Lois about her travels, and most recently, her experience of going on a cruise as a blind passenger with her guide dog, Jessie.

Travel Tech Corner features the Zoom software that can help us keep connected with friends and family during lockdown.

Today's travel quote: "Stop worrying about the potholes in the road, and enjoy the trip." Babs Hoffman

This episode was edited by Craig Strachan using the Hindenburg editing software. Credits read by Musa E. Zulu.

33 - Travel inspiration from Anthony Ghillino during a global pandemic

During this time of uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic, enjoy some armchair travel with Lois Strachan and her guests. Even though we can't physically travel right now, we feel it's important that we keep sharing stories, travel inspiration and our experiences for the time when we are able to go out into the world again.

Our guest today, is Anthony Ghillino who is the general manager of QASA, the QuadPara Association of the Western Cape, here in South Africa. Anthony became paralysed 28 years ago as a young man after the open bakkie he was travelling in overturned on his way home from a picnic in a local nature reserve. He uses a motorised wheelchair with a chin control, and shares his insights and experiences of travelling.

Today's service provider spotlight, we offer any service provider who provides facilities for people with disabilities to sign up for free as our token of standing in solidarity within the tourism industry during this time, and a reminder that together we are tourism strong and that South Africa will travel again. Please visit www.accessiblesouthafrica.co.za to sign up and enter the discount code: TourismStrong at checkout to claim your free listing.

This episode was edited by Craig Strachan using the Hindenburg Software. Credits read by Musa E Zulu.

32 - Accessible Safaris with Epic Enabled

Lois Strachan speaks with Sabine Smith from Epic Enabled, an accessible tour operator based in Cape Town, South Africa. Epic Enabled was founded by Alfie Smith, who qualified as a mechanic and started travelling as a youngster. He started Epic Expeditions in 1992. Sabine was born in Switzerland and joined Alfie in 1994. In 2001 they started Epic Enabled to provide accessible safaris for people with disabilities. They opened the Epic Guesthouse in 2010 - a fully accessible guesthouse in Cape Town.

Contact information:
Website: www.epic-enabled.com and www.epic-guesthouse.com
Email & Phone: info@epic-enabled.com and +27 732282825
Facebook / Instagram: @epicenabled

In our Travel Tech corner, Zoe and Gerhard at Edit Microsystems introduce an adapted digital camera made by BJ Live. It is a 12mp camera with an automatic flash, 5 times digital zoom and a 4GB SD card. It is operated with a switch that can be positioned according to personal preference.

This episode was edited by Craig Strachan using the Hindenburg Software. Credits read by Musa E Zulu.

"I love to travel, I hate having my life disrupted by routine." Caskie Stinnett.

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