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A Different Way of Seeing

Conversations on opportunities, challenges and lived experiences to foster understanding between disabled and non-disabled communities. Insights into the tools and techniques used by people with disabilities navigating the worlds of work, education, travel, sport, the arts and leisure.

Because while we may be disabled we will never be disempowered.
Monthly English South Africa Society & Culture · Non-Profit
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80 - A Conversation with Lupus Warrior, Nurjawaan Rawoot

In this episode, during Lupus Awareness month, I chat with Nurjawaan Rawoot from Cape Town, in South Africa. Nurjawaan was diagnosed with Lupus when she was years old, and it resulted in her blindness. Nurjawaan and I also discuss how she, as a blind youth, found herself a job, and…
23 May 23 min

78 - Charlie Dyasi – Blind Audio Engineer and Voice Artist

In this episode I chat with Charlie Dyasi about his work as an audio engineer and voice artist. We discuss Charlie’s curiosity about audio that started at a young age and how it led him to explore working in various aspects of the audio field including radio deejaying, audio editing…
25 Apr 24 min

77 - Michelle Steiner on Living with an Invisible Disability

In this episode I chat with Michelle Steiner, from the blog Michelle’s Mission, about her lived experience with a learning disability. Michelle talks about the impact her invisible disability had on her while growing up, and some of the adaptations she has made to accommodate her disability as an adult…
11 Apr 22 min

76 - Kristin Secor on Accessible Travel and the World on Wheels Blog

In this episode I chat with Kristin Secor, founder of the World on Wheels Blog. Kristin describes how she has adapted to accommodate living with a rare form of muscular dystrophy, and how she has managed to turn her love of travel and of helping people into an accessible travel…
21 Mar 31 min

75 - Barbara Hinske on Writing about a Blind Woman and Her Guide Dog

In this episode I chat with Barbara Hinske, a USA Today bestselling author about her newest book, Over Every Hurdle, the third book in the Guiding Emily series about a blind woman and her guide dog. We learn about Barbara’s inspiration for the series, the research she does into creating…
3 Nov 2022 36 min

74 - Nadine McKenzie about Unmute Dance Company and Inclusive Arts

In this episode I chat with Nadine McKenzie, Artistic Director of the inclusive performing arts company, Unmute Dance. Nadine shares a little of the history of the Unmute Dance Company and explains some of the logistics of running a mixed abilities performance group of dancers. She also tells us about…
24 Oct 2022 29 min

72 - Guest Episode: Global Network Podcast

I’m currently on leave and thought I would share a guest episode from Global Network, a podcast published by Charlie Dyasi of Naledi Media, who recorded my podcast credits. Find Global Network at https://anchor.fm/s/2668542c/podcast/rss Or contact Charlie at E-mail: charliesa.dyasi@gmail.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lujadee.paul LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/charlie-dyasi-713525a0 YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UC4tsL4vcm24LFwHqnxpNwMw Contact Lois with podcast…
12 Sep 2022 33 min

71 - Jann Weeratunga on Writing for Children to Foster Inclusion

In this episode I chat with author Jann Weeratunga about her journey as a writer and how she has become a strong ally for the disability community through her writing. Jann’s children’s books include characters with disabilities, and serve to normalize the concept of disability for both disabled and non-disabled…
22 Aug 2022 51 min

69 - Stephanie Duesing on Cerebral/Cortical Visual Impairment(CVI)

In this episode I chat with Stephanie Duesing, author of the book Eyeless Mind, about her discovery that her son, Sebastian, had been living with undetected CVI for 15 years, and was almost completely blind. We discuss the difference between ocular blindness and cerebral/cortical blindness, the event that led Stephanie…
25 Jul 2022 48 min

68 - A Conversation with Deaf Queen Boss, Kellina Powell

In this episode I chat with Kellina Powell, aka Deaf Queen Boss, from Toronto, Canada. Kellina and I discuss her journey through hearing loss at the age of 4 years, college, her new online coaching business assisting others who are deaf, and her brand new book, “Every Day I am…
11 Jul 2022 21 min

67 - Jeremy Opperman on Lois’s Aerobatic Flight

In this episode Jeremy Opperman chats to me about a recent adventure of an aerobatic flight. During our conversation we explore various aspects of how I experienced the flight, including what I felt when flying upside down and what it was like for me to actually fly the plane as…
27 Jun 2022 30 min

66 - Dr Homiyar Mobedji on Inclusive Education and Employment

In this episode I chat to Dr Homiyar Mobedji, from Benetech Asia/Africa. We discuss the importance of inclusive education and its importance in employment of persons with disabilities in the developing world. We also talk about the need for accessible books and Homiyar’s role as head of Benetech Asia/Africa, and…
13 Jun 2022 41 min

65 - Kenneth Edmonds on Traveling with a Chair and AccessibleTravel.info

In this episode I chat to Ken Edmonds, from the YouTube channel Traveling with a Chair, and the new global directory AccessibleTravel.info. Ken shares with us how he became involved in developing accessible travel platforms, and what people can find on his YouTube channel. He also talks about his new…
30 May 2022 41 min

64 - Mdu Mathenjwa, (Grashyo Creations) on writing as healing .

In this episode I chat to Mdu Mathenjwa of Grashyo Creations about writing to heal and the importance of telling our stories. Mdu also shares his own story of resilience and determination to move forward after a life-changing experience that led to the starting of his publishing company, Grashyo Creations…
16 May 2022 31 min

63 - Dr Karen Smit on Digital Inclusion in the Telecommunications Industry.

In this episode I chat to Dr Karen Smit about her work empowering young women with disabilities, as well as the impact that digital inclusion in the telecommunications industry can have on the lives of persons with disabilities. Contact Dr Karen Smit at karensmit50@gmail.com Contact Lois with podcast topics or…
27 Apr 2022 42 min

62 - Elizabeth Sammons on Representations of Disability in Literature

In this episode I chat to author and disability advocate Elizabeth Sammons about the way persons with disabilities are represented in literature. Elizabeth shares great advice for authors, both those with and without disabilities, who wish to include characters with disabilities in their writing. Here are the publications mentioned by…
11 Apr 2022 47 min
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