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From risk factors for stroke to healthy habits and emergency preparedness, Your Health And YOU depend on knowing what to do and what's best for you and your family. The Putnam County Health Department offers up advice and tips for You And Your Health.
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Holiday Health & Safety

The holiday season - it's a wonderful time of year, and you have family in and out of your homes, but unfortunately, the holiday season also happens to fall during some of the sickest months of the year for the general population. Holiday health and safety tips - how can…
9 Dec 2019 13 min

Food Labels

It's the time of the year when we traditionally throw caution to the wind and stop looking at calorie counts because the holidays are coming. You might not think about looking at food labels, but you need to know not just the calorie counts of your favorite holiday treats, but…
11 Nov 2019 11 min


We’ve all heard it said when it comes to feeding baby – the breast is best. August is National Breastfeeding Month. In the Upper Cumberland – we want healthy moms and healthy babies – and education is available to help moms with breastfeeding advice from the Putnam County Health Department…
22 Jul 2019 5 min

Heart Health

There are lots of diet fads and exercise routines – and they all have a common goal: Keeping you healthy. Your daily output is only as good as your daily input. Put in healthy foods and exercise – and your body will function better for you – specifically today –…
8 Jul 2019 9 min


Putnam County recently held rabies clinics with 621 pets receiving the rabies vaccination at a slightly reduced price. These vaccinations are important for your pets and for the community. We dive into learning more about rabies… our topic today with the Putnam County Health Department on Your Health And You…
24 Jun 2019 8 min

Summer Safety

The Upper Cumberland is rich with outdoor activities for warm weather, and we need to make sure to stay sun-safe! Summer Safety, water safety, staying hydrated and safe during outdoor activities is our topic today with the Putnam County Health Department on Your Health And You. Presented by The Putnam…
10 Jun 2019 13 min

Walk With A Doc

The Hintz and Oakley Podcast Center has an opportunity for you to get health advice from those who know best beginning this Saturday, and each Saturday through October, at Cookeville Regional Medical Center during, "Walk With A Doc." Get all the details in this week's "Your Health And You" Podcast,…
30 May 2019 6 min

Safe Food Handling

Bacteria and germs can cause severe illness. You know to wash your hands when you’ve been working outside – but even if dirt is not visible – your hands can carry and spread harmful contaminants to food. With spring and summer outdoor picnics and activities – you want to make…
29 Apr 2019 11 min

Flu Season

Public Health Educators Michael Cooper with the Putnam County Health Department and Katie Neal, along with Registered Nurse Sara Smith, join host Marcia Lee to discuss the flu. They discuss the dangers of the flu, and how to best protect yourself from catching it. Presented by The Putnam County Health…
17 Dec 2018 14 min

Reducing Sugar Intake

Public Health Educator Michael Cooper with the Putnam County Health Department joins host Marcia Lee to discuss sugar. They look at alternatives you can try and what various sweeteners offer. Along with what should you avoid when it comes to added sugar. Presented by The Putnam County Health Department
24 Sep 2018 10 min

National Immunization Awareness Month

Sarah Smith and Melissa Marcum, Registered Nurses with the Putnam County Health Department discuss the importance and availability of immunizations during National Immunization Awareness Month. Presented by The Putnam County Health Department
27 Aug 2018 12 min

National Breast Feeding Month

Public Health Educator Katie Woodard, Certified Lactation Counselor Ashley Roberts and Breast Feeding Peer Counselor Letha Gaw discuss the health advantages for mothers who breastfeed their newborns. They offer advice on the benefits, things to consider for better results and safety practices you should use. Presented by The Putnam County…
13 Aug 2018 18 min

National Water Safety Month

Public health educators Katie Woodard and Kayla French offer some tips and advice for National Water Safety Month. Pools, lakes, ponds and even water parks can present dangers you may not consider. Whether you're swimming or boating, we have advice on how to fun and stay safe this summer. Presented…
30 Jul 2018 14 min

National Sun Safety Month

Public health educators Katie Woodard and Kayla French offer some tips and advice for National Sun Safety Month. They discuss the different types of UV rays you can be exposed to while outdoors. The most common dangers and the possible exposure risks you may not consider. Presented by The Putnam…
9 Jul 2018 10 min

National Men's Health Month

Men's Health Month, a time for all men to learn about the risks to their health. Dr Matt Bolton, physician with the Upper Cumberland's Regional Health Department, offers some advice on the importance of Men's Health Month. We discuss the disesases and conditions that men are most at risk for…
25 Jun 2018 36 min

National Safety Month

Severe weather, random power outages... there are several events that can be an emergency situation. Your family and you can be prepared to handle these events by having a kit and taking a few other steps to prepare. June is National Safety Month and Tyler Smith with the Emergency Management…
11 Jun 2018 12 min

Stroke Awareness Month

May is Stroke Awareness Month. Lisa Bumbalow, Director for the Putnam County Health Department and Dr Don Grisham the regional Medical Director discuss what you need to know for prevention and awareness in today's podcast.
21 May 2018 10 min

Teen Pregnancy Awareness Month

Katie Woodard with The Putnam County Health Department discusses Teen Pregnancy statistics, education and prevention on You And Your Health.
14 May 2018 14 min