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A Zimbabwean focused show that touches on all things Zimbabwean… from topical tunes, lifestyle, entertainment and everything that gives an inside view of the country. The show has perspectives from Zimbabweans across the globe. Gilmore Tee is an award-winning Entrepreneur, TV Host & Producer, Fashion Facilitator, PR Consultant, Podcaster and Global Citizen from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. He is one of the most opinionated Zimbabweans whose voice is heard on different platforms.
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365 Days of Activism!

This week Gilmore Tee talks to Zimbabwean Afro-Soul artist Mj Sings and writer @LauraNazanin, about the need to have 365 Days of Activism and not only talk about Gender-Based Violence over 16 Days. Mj Sings shares his new EP - Soul & Mind, while Laura shares on abuse in the…
30 Nov 2018 58 min

Conversation with MOKOOMBA

Gilmore Tee celebrates ONE YEAR on and what better way to commemorate it than to sit down with international touring and award-winning Zimbabwean music group, MOKOOMBA. The group's mix of Zimbabwean rhythms, Afrobeat and Afrorock generated exuberant scenes in over 75 concerts in 2017, from New Orleans Jazz festival…
16 Nov 2018 58 min

Of HIV/AIDS Cures & Paper Bag in Zimbabwe

Gilmore talks to Clinton Ncube, Fish F McSwagg and Clinton Zvoushe on their thoughts on Prophet Walter Magaya's cure for HIV/AIDS, and Winky D singing hip hop. They discuss their works in the music industry and also comment on issues happening in Zimbabwe. Gilmore debuts ASAPH's 'Good Times Anthem' and…
9 Nov 2018 57 min

What A Mess!

Gilmore Tee talks to Zim hip-hop acts ASAPH, Vic Jita, and SinKay, poet Ras Munroe and visual artist George Masarira about their thoughts on everything happening in Zimbabwe, WHAT A MESS! They touch on The Project Hope by different Zimbabwean artists, #Hope4Zim, and also the #Top30Innovators18 by Vutha Magazine. The…
26 Oct 2018 58 min

Conversation with Owen Maseko

After a while of not doing radio interviews, Gilmore Tee has an exclusive conversation with one of Zimbabwe's most controversial visual artists, Owen Maseko, who is known for provoking the Zimbabwean government with his 2010 Gukurahundi Exhibition. Owen talks about experiencing the Gukurahundi genocide as a child, how he uses…
12 Oct 2018 58 min

Entertainment, Entrepreneurship & Good Causes in Zimbabwe

Gilmore Tee talks to Adrian Andile Phiri and Sakhu Keith Dube, young entrepreneurs working in the lifestyle and entertainment space in Zimbabwe. The two share the challenges and joys of being an entrepreneur in such a space. Actress and TV host, MBO Mahocs, and Public Relations Officer, Bridgette Ndlovu, talk…
28 Sep 2018 55 min

The Business of Handmade Products in Nigeria

Gilmore talks to Nneamaka Nwosisi - the Creative Director of a Nigerian fashion brand that specialises in handmade handbags, shoes and accessories, using leather and incorporating African fabrics. Together they go through her journey, lessons learnt and also explore possible partnership with Zimbabwe and Southern Africa. He plays out with…
14 Sep 2018 46 min

A Conversation with the Zimbabwean Ambassador to Nigeria

Gilmore Tee has a conversation with Zimbabwean Ambassador to Nigeria, H.E. Lovemore Mazemo, and they talk about Zimbabwe and Nigeria relations. Together they explore how best the two nations can learn from each through their similar characteristics. Gilmore profiles a brand that specialises in handmade bags, shoes, accessories, using leather…
7 Sep 2018 56 min

This & That in Zimbabwe

Gilmore Tee catches up with the current Zim Hip Hop KING - ASAPH and Dope Hip Hop Act Ganyaz Jr on things happening in Zimbabwe after the elections, inauguration and the recent UnPlugged Zimbabwe. ASAPH & Ganyaz Jr talks about their works and speak out on everything happening in Zimbabwe…
31 Aug 2018 45 min

Zimbabwe: Post 2018 Harmonised Elections

Gilmore reflects on post 2018 Zimbabwean Elections with social commentator and journalist Busi Bhebhe, and photographer and social commentator Mgcini Nyoni. They talk about the election day, the atmosphere during the elections, the violence in Harare, and also what they think about the presidency.
3 Aug 2018 58 min

The Zimbabwe we hope for after Elections

Gilmore Tee speaks to speaking coach, Miss Nomalanga Ndlovu (Miss Noma) on the prospectives of Zimbabwe after the 30 July Elections. Fellow Zimbabweans from across the country voice out on things they want to see happening in their country. As a commemoration of the Late Chiwoniso Maraire, Gilmore plays out…
27 Jul 2018 55 min

Zimbabwean 2018 Elections: Voices from Independent Candidates

Gilmore Tee talks to Independent Candidates - Nkululeko Nkala who is running for Member of Parliament and Natasha Karimakwenda who is running for Councillor ahead of the Zimbabwean Elections scheduled for the 30th of July. The two candidates share on why they chose the route of being independent and not…
20 Jul 2018 58 min

Sonny Jermain

Gilmore Tee talks to award-winning author Sonny Jermain on his debut book, 'I Deserve To Be; Self-Worth Is A Silent Killer'. Sonny Jermain explores on artistry, astronomy, astrology and ancestry. In this conversation he jumps deep into money, manhood, sex, and power... topics he covers in the book.
13 Jul 2018 59 min

Zimbabwe This Week + Zim Music

This week Gilmore Tee gives an update on what made headlines in Zimbabwean entertainment, politics and current affairs. He also plays music from Stones Moyo, M.U.S.E, Few Kings, ASAPH, Takura, Chiwoniso Maraire, and Yung Tyran.
6 Jul 2018 52 min

World Sickle Cell Day

Tuesday 19 June was World Sickle Cell Day. Gilmore talks to Sharifu Kiragga Tusuubirau from Uganda who is living with the disease and he finds out how he manages his day to day life. Sharifu also sheds some light on how being born with Sickle Cell Disease inspired him to…
22 Jun 2018 58 min

Meet ETV Scandal's ChiChi - MBO MAHOC

Gilmore talks to the inspirational Actress, MBO MAHOCS on her on screen debut with ETV's Scandal. This is her first ever radio show after getting the role of ChiChi on South Africa's top television soapie. Together, they talk about MBO's journey, the struggle of being a girl child in the…
15 Jun 2018 53 min

The Journey, Awards & Real Talk

Gilmore has real talk with award-winning actress Lady Tshawe and award-winning hip hop act ASAPH on their journey, spirituality, sexual harassment in the creative space, what it means winning an award, and touching on the basics. He plays Body and Brighter Days by ASAPH.
1 Jun 2018 55 min

Social Entrepreneurship & Young People in Politics

This week on the Gilmore Tee Vibe, Zimbabwean Social Entrepreneur & Young Politician - Nkosana George Mazibisa shares his journey as an entrepreneur and why he decided to get into politics by joining ZANU-PF. Miss Noma joins in to give Zimbabwean headlines on the fuel increase, the rollout of the…
18 May 2018 58 min

Preserving Culture Through Innovation

Mandela Washington Fellow and fashion designer, Rudo Nondo talks about preserving culture through innovation. She shares on her works with women and artisans from Zimbabwe, Swaziland, and across Southern Africa. Together with Gilmore, they explore how one can tell their stories through things that are unique to them and their…
11 May 2018 54 min

The Bulawayo Arts Awards et al

Gilmore Tee and guest host Sheenah Moyo give highlights on the Harare International Festival of the Arts, Zimbabwe International Trade Fair 2018, Chance The Rapper's trip to Victoria Falls, and also share part of the speech by Honourable Martin Moyo, during the Bulawayo City Council's ZITF Cocktail. Together they go…
4 May 2018 58 min
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