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A show about all things stand up comedy - both locally and internationally. It's about the business of stand up, the comedians, the shows and what's going on in the general sphere of stand up and the industries attached.

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Extra Extra Read All About It!

Welcome to the JUSTNOW Book Club. First rule of Book Club? Bring a book with. Do comedians read books about comedy? Or do they like the serious stuff? Ryan reads e-books. Vittorio Leonardi has books for days. Dave has his favourite joke book that helps him get through the day. Richelieu finds help in The Art of War! Who knew?

Are you doing your ‘skit’?

Richelieu believes in some unwritten comedy rules. Basic comedy values. Are there rules for new comics? Is it ok to have rules? We also discuss whether Durban has a sustainable scene, and if stereotype observations are still relevant. Can male comics do the ping pong ball trick? We reveal this, and even found a client who has manners. Eric had a real gig so he wasn’t late... and Woody sent some fantastic memes!

A Small Band from Springs

We take a break from comedy to chat with Jaryd Smith about his ideas and progress on the SA music scene. Then we write and sing our first song. Possible hit there. Yes things move quickly on the JustNow. We even got Ryan a gig as a wedding MC in Springs!

This is your job now

Why do people heckle? What’s the best way to deal with them? And what’s the measure of success in comedy or in any field for that matter? We get into a heated discussion about what it takes to be a well rounded entity. Our guest is the quiet unassuming Jermaine Mattroos... his calmness juxtaposes his crazy energy on stage. We chat about the hustle needed to compete as a new comic. He even sells perfumes to keep afloat. And Eric was 6 minutes late but he said he’d be there "justnow"!

You be You

We return from Clarens refreshed and ready. But what can happen in a comedy podcast when you try to be hilarious clowns? We are lucky to have smart funny people on who know way more about stuff than we do. Like today. Waylene Beukes and Dalin Oliver have so much knowledge about the world of comedy, with a fresh take on everything from insta sponsorships to helping Eric change his backwards name on Facebook. We guarantee you will leave this podcast 12% funnier!

This one time in Clarens...

This was an intense 15 minutes that lasted an hour. When 16 comedians pull into town it’s the perfect time for a podcast. Cape Town comics at the Clarens Comedy Fest Martin Evans and Angel Campey join the JustNow team for a chat. We get deeply philosophical about material that can and can’t be done. Including rape culture references. We then move into the more serious subject of fake ‘real’ love dolls. And Richelieu tells us about his serial killer cousin serving 180 years in prison. It's 55 mins of aural pleasure. Yes it goes pear-shaped as usual. Eric and Ryan were not harmed during the making of this podcast... and Claudine said it was boring!

Look Who’s Talking?

Rabin Harduth is a creative force in the industry. But instead of talking about the Clarens Comedy Fest, he explains how blood pressure and hypertension will make you appreciate life, and then it turns into a discussion about striking starter kits and car guard salaries. Also, in a very rare occurrence, a JustNow listener comes to visit us to be on the show. Thanks for being so calm in the chaos Cornelius! Rob in Holland let us know he was "Lit AF!" Maybe the best way to listen to us?

Having a Blunt statement

What a pleasure having 5 comedians around the mic on Heritage Day eve. Alfred Adriaan joins us. He’s the most logical comedian in the land. He lets us into some secrets regarding one man shows. We cover taxis, Superman, and how to move from weed to crack in 2 weeks. As Richelieu says you can take a horse to the water but no backstroke. Then Prince decides to become the judge of everything Ryan said. Eric was on time (sort of). We really shouldn't have smoked that joint on the roof before the podcast.

In 3 Years' Time...

Dave, Eric and Richelieu are joined by Chantal Jax Venter, a Cape Town comic. They chat about hangover cures, the Comic's Choice Awards review, a 3-year comedy plan and how fold up bicycles are the loophole in the 'No bicycles on the bus' rule. Chantal also tells us lesbians have outties!

Register a Word Today

Yaaseen Barnes joins us to speak about his show, The Water Shortage Show... and registering the word ‘Bruin Ou’. It’s also a pleasure to have comedian, dancer, and actress Stella Dlangalala on the show. Ryan had to sit on the couch - but came in with 5 minutes to go. And killed it!

Sink or Swim

We chat to a Big 5 comedian! Also learn about ‘swinging’ comedy couples. We ask: What makes a man born in a Sudanese refugee camp become a comedian? Or is it actually advisable to help you survive? AK (from South Sudan) lets us into his world and Long John tells us about his swimming philosophy. Such a great group of comics in the studio... it was a dream. Richelieu is back and has a message for the sharks board. Ryan has the best advice ever. Vittorio even brings a guest - an ex pro wrestler who was a real guest at his recent wedding. And Eric was in ‘Vape’ town.

Calling a Spade a Spade

Richelieu tells us what clothing won’t get you into a club. We find out why the beach attracts racists. We discuss movies. And Ray Shivamba - a doctor who is also an anaesthetist with a Robin Hood complex giving back to his community - has an art exhibition in Tzaneen with a strong upliftment angle. And he’s doing a comedy set in the gallery. Our guests drive 400kms to be on the podcast so we must be doing something right.

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