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Mosiuoa Lekota

Struggle hero, former cabinet minister, and current President of COPE, Mosiuoa Lekota joins the hosts this week. Lekota argues for non-racialism by highlighting his personal history and engagement with the ideas of Black Consciousness, as well as CODESA, which led to his position. Roman teases out COPE’s position on expropriation without compensation, and Jonathan queries the party’s prospects in the 2019 election.

Ian Cameron

Afriforum’s Head of Community Safety, Ian Cameron, joins the hosts to discuss the farm murder epidemic in South Africa. Ian explains the community safety networks he’s helped to build, how unlikely alliances have improved the lives of small town residents, and what his views are of the various documentaries highlighting farm attacks. Jonathan explores the role of the media in Afriforum’s rise to prominence, and Roman ponders whether self-sustained community policing is actually the way of the future.

Hanlon’s Axe

This week on the Renegade Report Jonathan and Roman debate whether the mainstream media is willingly malevolent or just blindly incompetent, why it is that Cyril Ramaphosa gets the benefit of context whilst others don’t, and how partisan politics in the age of #MeToo threaten the job prospects and lives of far more people than just Brett Kavanaugh.

Gwen Ngwenya

Member of Parliament and the Democratic Alliance’s Head of Policy, Gwen Ngwenya is this week’s guest. Gwen discusses the DA’s approach to expropriation without compensation, who actually constitutes the so-called base, and what it means to be liberal in a South African context. Jonathan pushes back against what he perceives as mixed messaging from the official opposition, and Roman explores the leadership situation in the party.

Ernst Roets

Afriforum Deputy CEO and civil rights activist Ernst Roets returns to the Renegade Report to discuss his recent presentation to Parliament. Roman explores some of the details around Afriforum’s advocacy against the expropriation of land without compensation, while Jonathan delves into the varied and interesting reactions from political parties and media personalities alike. Ernst discusses the ANC’s ‘National Democratic Revolution’, if Afriforum is becoming a political party, and what’s next in the fight against EWC.

Gareth van Onselen

Columnist and political analyst, Gareth van Onselen is this week’s podcast guest. Gareth gives his take on the ANC’s lose lose position with EWC, the DA’s rudderless approach to 2019, and the EFF’s ability to drive the country’s political agenda. Roman discusses the likely outcomes and consequences of the national elections, and Jonathan expresses cynicism of certain current and potential future coalitions.

Sebastian Shemirani

British conservative and LSE student Sebastian Shemirani joins the show from London this week. Sebastian discusses the political situation in the UK amidst Brexit, his evolution from libertarianism to conservatism, and why he believes conservative values make life worth living. Jonathan queries whether the conservative movement is undergoing an evolution amidst an environment which promotes all cultures as equal. The conversation explores the ascendent nature of socialism despite its repeated failures, the innate problem with equality, and the naive belief that government can solve all problems.

Waldimar Pelser

Rapport editor, journalist and TV host Waldimar Pelser is the guest on this instalment. Waldimar explains why he values freedom of speech, what the differences are between English and Afrikaans, and how the age of social media has affected the evolution of journalists. Jonathan discusses how compromised media organisations have become, and Roman laments the collapse of news reporting in favour of opinionistas.

Frans Cronje

CEO of IRR SA, Frans Cronje joins the Renegade Report this week. Frans delivers an ultimatum on expropriation without compensation, the risks to South Africa, and why some intellectuals are praising it. Roman questions the lack of skin in the game of journalists and Jonathan clarifies Gwen Ngwenya’s positions.

Podcasting Without Compensation

The hosts get into a variety of topics on this instalment of the podcast. Roman speaks about the useful idiots in South African media helping to drive the EWC agenda forward, while Jonathan dispels the myth that Cyril Ramaphosa has a greater master plan which will save us all. The DA gets a tongue lashing for being unable to stick by their own words, Boris Johnson’s burka comments are explored, and there’s an interesting discussion to be had around Alex Jones, freedom of speech, and tech monopolies.

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