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Rob Hutchinson

Rob Hutchinson is the co-founder of OUTA, Dear South Africa, and is currently the Deputy General Secretary of COPE. Rob joins us to discuss the role civil activism plays in South Africa, how political parties tried to shut him down, and how the NDR is used to infiltrate and destroy civil organisations.

Progress SA

Tami Jackson and Scott Roberts, two of the individuals behind Progress SA, are the guests on this week’s show. They explain the environment at UCT which led to their establishment, why their free speech campaign has ruffled so many feathers, and how they plan to tackle the issues of creeping cultural Marxism at the university. Jonathan tackles accusations of foreign funding and Roman delves into the highly dangerous ‘Curriculum Change Framework’.

Kristian Nietmetz

Senior Fellow at the Institute of Economic Affairs, Kristian Nietmetz joins the Renegades this week. Kristian explains how totalitarianism is an inevitable feature of socialism and gives a lengthy explanation as to the collapse of Venezuela. Roman wonders why socialism is still defended by rich westerners, and Jonathan explores the 'no true Scotsman' fallacy.

The Nation is in a Terrible State

This week on the podcast the Renegades discuss why they weren’t bothered to watch #SONA2019 and were proven right. Roman explains how the massive oil discovery off the coast of the Western Cape may spell the end of democracy in SA, and Jonathan wanders into American politics - including Trump’s SOTU and the Democrats’ reaction. Finally, the hosts lament the low standards of corruption in the State, and how our politicians can’t even do that well.

Jack Miller

The President of the Cape Party, Jack Miller, is this week’s guest. Jack explains what his party stands for, why they believe secession is an answer for the Western Cape, and how they would govern if they came to power. Jonathan questions the notion of secession from a philosophical, geographical and practical perspective, and Roman explores the benefits of a direct democracy system.

Magnus Heystek

Magnus Heystek is the well-known former journalist and business editor, author, and prominent investment commentator who features on the podcast this week. Magnus gives a no-nonsense rundown of just how much economic trouble South Africa is in, the policies and decisions which have led to this situation, and some of the ways we could go about digging ourselves out of the hole. Roman is keen to discuss the NDR’s involvement in all of this, and Jonathan broaches the controversial topic of a tax revolt.

John Steenhuisen

Democratic Alliance Chief Whip and MP, John Steenhuisen, is in the hot seat this week. John explains his view of where South Africa will end up should the ANC remain in charge, why the EFF cannot be trusted, and how the DA hopes to make inroads at the next election. The hosts challenge the messaging and leadership of the party, multiple social media faux pas, and the DA’s seeming inability to stand on principle as often as required.

Konstantin Kisin

This week’s guest is comedian and co-host of the Triggernometry podcast, Konstantin Kisin. Konstantin explains why he refused to sign a contract designed to make a university comedy evening a ‘safe space’, how important he considers free speech to be, and what his podcast aims to achieve by talking with individuals who hold diverse ideas.

Eyes Wide Shut

On this final episode for 2018, the Renegades reflect on a year of podcast success and political turmoil. Roman explains why the silencing of certain voices is concurrent with the plans of the NDR, and Jonathan discusses how to take the broadest view possible of current affairs. In addition the hosts chat about Johann Rupert’s message of personal responsibility, Emmanuel Macron’s failing presidency, and if in 2019 the media will stop losing their minds over Trump.

Michael Appel

eNCA investigative journalist Michael Appel is the guest on this episode. Michael describes his work travels to South America and how many of these countries share political similarities with South Africa. Roman explores the danger of journalists becoming celebrities, and Jonathan discusses the issue of news as an agenda-driven narrative.

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