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A hard-hitting, factual podcast that seeks to undermine modern narratives with the use of evidence, facts and statistics.
It's a solo episode of the show with Roman and Jonathan taking your questions. Does jet fuel melt steel beams? Is Herman Mashaba the best candidate for President? Where next for alternative media? Plus dead Nazis, moderate Communists, free people, and how to land your billionaire friend's plane at Waterkloof.
Former UKIP speechwriter Simon Gordon joins the hosts on this episode. Simon gives a historical account of the EU's encroachment on British sovereignty since the '70s, clarifies the role of the Vote Leave movement, and provides his view of the issues which persuaded Britons to vote leave. Roman questions the double standards of Remoaners, specifically with regard to cultural pride, and Jonathan wonders whether immigration is considered a form of self-immolation for a colonial past. The conversation looks ahead to what might come of Brexit negotiations, and who is likely to fill the void left by the implosion of UKIP.
Economist, author and libertarian Russell Lamberti joins The Renegade Report for this instalment. Russ explains how South Africa is practicing "Socialism 2.0", who the various players are in this venture, and why we should be more supportive of the Zuma camp than the Gordhan camp. Roman slams the DA's idea of a sovereign wealth fund, and Jonathan explores the United Kingdom's NHS as an example of the insidious nature of socialist policy. Russell explains the usefulness of an incompetent government, the stupidity of viewing unemployment as a problem, and the best way to stand up to the left.
On this episode of the Renegade Report, we host CEO of the Institute of Race Relations, Frans Cronje. He details the four different scenarios facing South Africa by the year 2030 as detailed in his latest book. The discussion deals with the reasoning for each possible outcome and what would need to happen for each to occur. Frans discloses previously unreleased information relating to the upcoming ANC elective conference and explains which of his scenarios seems most likely. Jonathan questions the likelihood of the State allowing a taxless anarchy and Roman revels in the possibility.
Muslim reformer, feminist and free speech advocate Shireen Qudosi joins the Renegade Report for a frank and thoughtful discussion. Shireen discusses the conflict within Islam, the misunderstanding of the religion among many - including theists - and the similarities between Islam and modern identity politics. Jonathan explores the reasoning for much of the extremism in the Muslim world, and Roman seeks to better understand the reform project and its aims. Shireen provides insight into the pervasive effects of Arabic culture on traditional Islam, the role of Sharia law - including the issues of female genital mutilation and dress code, and life as a Muslim in Trump's America.
This week on The Renegade Report the hosts are joined by Tim Flack, a close friend of recently deceased journalist Suna Venter. Tim gives extensive detail into the horrific circumstances which likely led to her death, including instances of harassment, assault, and kidnapping involving Suna and the other #SABC8 journalists. Ms Venter's past reporting in Syria and Yemen are brought up, further highlighting the courageous journalist she was. Roman expresses his deep discomfort with the notion that journalists are intimidated in a liberal democracy, and Jonathan questions why Suna's predicament was not more widely reported and paid attention to by the police. The discussion also explores the triumphs and failures of the mainstream media and the criticism it receives as a result.
Ian Miles Cheong joins the Renegade Report for a frank chat about cultural wars. Ian shares his experience of Gamergate, his conversion away from the SJW grouping, and his views on the woke movement. Roman explores the various methods of fighting cultural battles and Jonathan delves into the free market's reaction to attempts at social engineering. The discussion is wide ranging and touches on Ian's thoughts around Antifa, Laci Green, BLM, Wonder Woman, and Trump Derangement Syndrome.
The Renegade Report is joined by Gideon Joubert, aka GunServant. Jonathan explores our constitutional rights in regards to firearms and Roman proposes increased gun ownership as one solution to escalating crime. Gideon explains what effect the Firearms Control Act has had on the gun industry, and some of the unintended but beneficial consequences of the law. The discussion deals with the requirements and processes for becoming a legal gun owner in South Africa, the changing demographics of the firearm community, and the many gun myths which prevail around this topic.
This week on the Renegade Report popular YouTuber Mouthy Buddha joins the show. Mouthy explains why the alt-right and the left need each other to survive, how Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson view the world in completely different ways, and what impact the free market of ideas has had on his thinking. Roman argues that gender fluidity might exist, but its importance is inflated, while Jonathan espouses a more traditional approach in line with biologically determined gender. Mouthy recalls a recent interview which he conducted with a proponent of the white genocide narrative in South Africa, and probes the hosts for their views on this controversial topic.
The Renegade Report is joined by Western Cape Premier and former DA leader, Helen Zille. The discussion revolves around Ms Zille's recent tweet controversy, freedom of speech, and liberal values. Jonathan probes the DA's ability to maintain its principles as a party attempting to gain power, and Roman questions the Premier's opinion of Mmusi Maimane. Helen provides an idea of what her Presidency might have looked like, and where she will spend her time after 2019.
Economist Chris Becker joins the Renegade Report team this week. Chris expands on the differences between the divergent economic schools of thought, why Keynesian economics is most useful to State technocrats, and how Government's incompetence has been good for the private sector. Roman explains why the poorest people in the world use private school and Jonathan reveals how private healthcare is flourishing in South Africa. The conversation closes with a frank discussion on cypto-currencies and how they may disrupt the status quo of State-controlled currency markets in the not too distant future.
The Renegade Report continues to grow in stature and listenership. Roman and Jonathan take time out from the usual guest schedule to answer questions posed to them on the show's Facebook group. From their evolution towards classical liberalism to their real views on climate change, there's something for everyone in this candid episode of everyone's favourite weekly podcast.