Simon Reader

Columnist and political commentator, Simon Reader, is the guest on this episode. Simon recalls his experiences of living next door to the Guptas and the early warnings which abounded about the family. The discussion explores the advancing Marxist agenda in education, general society and major politics - including the rise of Jeremy Corbyn and the potential end of British Conservatism. Roman talks about his fondness of Jacob Rees-Mogg and Jonathan explains why there are still 7 more years left of Trump. The conversation concludes with a focus on the Left’s suicidal response to terrorism with pointless reactions like #thoughtsandprayers, and the gradual clampdown on free speech through the use of force.

Universal Basic Crypto

On this episode of the show, former guest and now chief executive of Project UBU, Justin McCarthy joins the hosts. Justin explains the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and how it is likely to revolutionise the world. Roman wants to better understand the role this technology can play in providing a universal basic income, and Jonathan queries the nature of smart contracts.

Two Anarchists, One Podcast

Roman is joined by anarchist and programmer Mpiyakhe Dhlamini. Mpiyakhe explains the evolution of his political ideology from a young socialist to an anarcho-capitalist today. The conversation dovetails Mpiyakhe’s self education as a programmer, his current studies on machine learning, and his views on the erosion of community organisations.

#TakeAKnee to this Podcast

Two sleep-deprived hosts ramble for an hour about #CountryDuty, Makhosi Khoza and Zuma’s future plans. It could be good. It probably isn’t. Give it a try.

Miguel Balona

South African filmmaker, Miguel Balona, joins the Renegade Report this week. Miguel breaks down the reasons why the South African film industry is in the doldrums, including conservative producers, ideologically compromised funders, and an undiscerning public. Roman bemoans the poor quality of Hollywood films, while Jonathan takes credit for inspiring the Tom Cruise hit 'Edge of Tomorrow'.

Eating on Mars

Dr Michele Perchonok, a food scientist formerly employed at NASA, joins The Renegade Report this week. Michele explains the larger role food scientists play in the background of everything we eat, her personal involvement in feeding the shuttle astronauts, and the various considerations around feeding an expedition to Mars. Roman wonders if space food is just packaged airline food, and Jonathan wants to know just how close to reality 'The Martian' got. Dr Perchonok discusses the nutritional requirements of humans in space, the value of space exploration, and what the future of food is likely to be here on Earth.

Real Socialism Has Been Tried

On this instalment of The Renegade Report, the guest is immigrant and mining executive Sebastian Chatov. Sebastian explains life in the Soviet Union under Communist rule, the manner in which the government punished those who lived with "false consciousness", and what similarities existed between the Soviet Union and Apartheid. Roman explores the persistence of Marxist ideas in western democracies and Jonathan compares critical theorists to Soviet propagandists.

Chadwick Moore

Gay conservative Chadwick Moore is the guest on this episode of the podcast. He talks about his shift from "left identifying" to the right side of the political aisle, his aversion to social justice, and the very personal effect "coming out" on the wrong side of US East Coast politics has had on his life. Roman digs down into the now infamous article Chad wrote profiling Milo Yiannopoulos, and Jonathan explores the treatment of homosexuals in Russia. Chadwick discusses media bias, Silicon Valley censorship, and why he believes Trump will make America great again.

Mike Stopforth

Social media and marketing man Mike Stopforth discusses the difficulties brands face in dealing with social media mobs, and why transformation in the advertising industry may appear stunted. Roman rails against race-based empowerment policies, and Jonathan debates the existence and value of 'white privilege'. Mike also explains how his take on identity politics makes him a better person.

Inglorious Podcasters

It's a solo episode of the show with Roman and Jonathan taking your questions. Does jet fuel melt steel beams? Is Herman Mashaba the best candidate for President? Where next for alternative media? Plus dead Nazis, moderate Communists, free people, and how to land your billionaire friend's plane at Waterkloof.

Simon Gordon

Former UKIP speechwriter Simon Gordon joins the hosts on this episode. Simon gives a historical account of the EU's encroachment on British sovereignty since the '70s, clarifies the role of the Vote Leave movement, and provides his view of the issues which persuaded Britons to vote leave. Roman questions the double standards of Remoaners, specifically with regard to cultural pride, and Jonathan wonders whether immigration is considered a form of self-immolation for a colonial past. The conversation looks ahead to what might come of Brexit negotiations, and who is likely to fill the void left by the implosion of UKIP.

Russell Lamberti

Economist, author and libertarian Russell Lamberti joins The Renegade Report for this instalment. Russ explains how South Africa is practicing "Socialism 2.0", who the various players are in this venture, and why we should be more supportive of the Zuma camp than the Gordhan camp. Roman slams the DA's idea of a sovereign wealth fund, and Jonathan explores the United Kingdom's NHS as an example of the insidious nature of socialist policy. Russell explains the usefulness of an incompetent government, the stupidity of viewing unemployment as a problem, and the best way to stand up to the left.

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