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Joel Pollak

UCT alumnus, Harvard graduate and Breitbart editor Joel Pollak is the guest on this week’s episode. Joel explains his evolution from liberal to conservative politics, influenced in many ways by his experiences in South Africa. Roman explores the story behind Trump’s election victory and Jonathan engages with the nature of the current political environment in the United States.

Renaldo Gouws

The Renegades host popular YouTuber and politician, Renaldo Gouws. The conversation meanders its way through the topics of farm murders, ‘white privilege’ and government inefficiency. Roman wants to explore actual solutions for claimed inequities, and Jonathan pushes back against some of Renaldo’s strongly held beliefs.

Goodbye the Beloved Country

On this episode of the Renegade Report, Jonathan and Roman get into a wide-ranging discussion about healthcare, exaggerated messaging, and the risks of empathy. Roman takes apart a novel motivation for expropriation without compensation, and Jonathan explains what he’s most looking forward to in 2019.

Renaldo Gouws

This week’s podcast is a recording of a live YouTube debate held between Jonathan & Roman and Renaldo Gouws. The discussion focuses on free speech, white privilege, the free market, and black economic empowerment.

Ivo Vegter

Libertarian, author and columnist Ivo Vegter joins us for a discussion on tackling the myth of labour as a Giffen good, the reason governments battle to embrace liberty, and why recycling isn’t quite the noble task it’s claimed to be. Jonathan explores Ivo’s views on Trump, and Roman suggests that South Africa might be ripe for a new political party.

Jeremy Mansfield

Former radio personality turned businessman Jeremy Mansfield joins the Renegade Report this week. Jeremy talks about his political aspirations, the racism he perceives on local talk radio stations, and maintaining his strong opinions in the face of outrage mobs. Roman tackles some of Jeremy’s beliefs around helping the poor, and Jonathan wades into the guest’s controversial stance on hunting.

Gideon Joubert

The Renegade Report welcomes back gun rights advocate Gideon Joubert. Gideon discusses the latest moves by Parliament on gun ownership legislation, the seeming inability of police to keep their guns out of criminal hands, and the activity of groups - both for and against an armed citizenry. Jonathan tackles some of the commonly peddled myths about guns, and Roman delves into the laborious process of securing a firearm license.

Nic Clelland

Former DA MP and communications expert, Nic Clelland, joins us this week to discuss the key lessons in his new book, Spin. Nic explains the ins and outs of political messaging and gives insight into some of the most successful campaigns of the past 20 years. Roman queries why the DA have become so unclear in their messaging, while Jonathan explores the effect of social media on the behaviour of politicians and journalists alike.

Miguel Balona

This episode sees the return of filmmaker Miguel Balona. Miguel weighs in on the demise of DStv, and gives his take on the latest blockbusters from Marvel. Jonathan tackles some of the issues in the Star Wars series, and Roman discusses some of the best series he’s watching.

Stop DA Madness

On this episode of the show Roman and Jonathan discuss Afriforum’s US tour and the reaction thereto, debate whether the Overton window on social media is shifting, and provide an alternative analysis of the DA with all of its current challenges.

Leago Mnguni

Former Fees Must Fall activist and Stellenbosch University student, Leago Mnguni joins the show this week. Leago tells of his journey from Pan-Africanism and Black Consciousness to Libertarianism. Roman queries the tensions between Biko's writings and the ANC's ideology, while Jonathan explores the current situation on our university campuses. Leago speaks about how identity politics destroyed the FMF movement, what it's like being part of a minority of outspoken black conservatives in the country, and why he doesn't buy into leftist ideas such as minimum wage and land expropriation.

Dr Leon Schreiber

Researcher, political scientist and now author of 'Coalition Country', Dr Leon Schreiber is the guest on this episode. Leon delves into the single party rule under which South Africa has toiled for 70 years, and how the future ultimately lies in coalition politics. Jonathan queries the lack of effective leadership in our local politics, and Roman tackles the ruling party's hegemony over the entire discourse. The discussion tackles what it will take for the ANC to surrender power and truly take up the mantle of opposition, why the EFF chooses not to engage in formal coalitions, and how the DA's experience with coalitions may set them up favourably for future elections.

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