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#StartTheAdventure with STA Travel and ‘Kellman on CliffCentral’ is a monthly podcast celebrating one of life’s greatest pastimes: travelling. Hosted by travel-fans Arye Kellman and Lee Cairncross, this podcast will inspire you to do more, see more and always opt to #StartTheAdventure, by showcasing a host of travel destinations and experiences offered by STA Travel.
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#StartTheAdventure - Christmas Special

That time of the year has rolled around again and it is therefore time to #StartTheAdventure with STA Travel. This time, Arye Kellman and Lee Cairncross make it all about the festive season. They hear from a few local celebrities, including our very own Mabale Moloi, about where their dream…
9 Dec 2015 26 min

#StartTheAdventure with STA Travel - Why Should I Travel?

Lee Cairncross from STA Travel is back and her and Arye Kellman have something very exciting up their sleeves. On this edition of #StartTheAdventure, they talk to travel bloggers from all across the globe who explain why we should travel and what it can do for one's life as an…
11 Nov 2015 30 min

#StartTheAdventure with STA Travel - Contiki Tours

The team from STA Travel - along with the General Manager of Contiki Tours SA, Kelly Jackson - join Arye in giving away a Europe Contiki tour to one lucky listener… who's it going to be? Plus, everything you need to know about booking your very own Contiki trip through…
14 Oct 2015 27 min

#StartTheAdventure with STA Travel - South Africa

It's time to #StartTheAdventure with STA Travel, the team bring it home by talking about the best things to do in the country we love the most - South Africa. Their extra special guest is musician Jesse Clegg who talks about his favourite places in South Africa to visit and…
9 Sep 2015 31 min

#StartTheAdventure with STA Travel - Thailand

Lee Cairncross and Arye Kellman explore the beauty and wonder of Thailand. From the culture, the sights, tastes and smells, they make it so real that you feel you are there. They chat to Bryce Young, GM of STA Travel via Skype who talks about the benefits of visiting Thailand…
12 Aug 2015 26 min

#StartTheAdventure with STA Travel - USA

Lee Cairncross and Arye Kellman join forces to discuss one of the greatest nations in the world, the USA. The states have just celebrated their Independence Day on the 4th of July, and Arye is suffering from a bit of FOMO. In a country with 50 states, there is literally…
8 Jul 2015 23 min

#StartTheAdventure with STA Travel - Working Abroad

Many people feel that traveling is too expensive and is something that is just not realistic for them. However, have you ever thought about working abroad? This is an excellent way to travel and see the world, while at the same time earning some respectable cash. Don't be put off…
10 Jun 2015 33 min

#StartTheAdventure with STA Travel - Blue Ticket

With the launch of the Blue Ticket in South Africa, we discover how this can help you travel the world on a budget. It's like a plane ticket, only more flexible. If you have to do date changes the Blue Ticket can accommodate you, it also allows you to put…
13 May 2015 30 min

#StartTheAdventure with STA Travel - Nandi Tshabalala

Nandi Tshabalala is one woman you do not want to argue with about football, because more than likely you are going to come out second best. She is a sports reporter, news reader as well as CliffCentral Hostess of The Phootball Show - Wednesdays from 14:00 to 15:00, don't miss…
17 Apr 2015 1 min

#StartTheAdventure with STA Travel - Florence Letoaba

Florence Letoaba is well a well known radio and television personality. Having started out in campus radio while studying her law degree, she fell in love with news and soon found herself promoted to news manager at her campus station. It wasn't long until a national station noticed her talent…
16 Apr 2015 1 min

#StartTheAdventure with STA Travel - Asia

We're headed to the east for this edition of #StartTheAdventure. We discuss the beauty of this land, the culture, the food, and the generosity of the people, but more importantly, we find out how STA Travel can help you get there.
15 Apr 2015 25 min

#StartTheAdventure with STA Travel - Carmen Van Der Merwe

Carmen is a gorgeous Eldorado Park-based Model who is making the transition into the TV world. She has graced the pages of many magazines in advertisements over the years as a model. Carmen is very young and is filled with dreams, let's find out which destinations are on her travel…
15 Apr 2015 1 min

#StartTheAdventure with STA Travel - Chris Mapane

Chris Mapane is a South African comedian who has been doing comedy for nearly a decade. With his extremely infectious energy and presence on stage, he keeps the audience interested, entertained and laughing from start to finish. His skills earned him a nomination at the Ikusasa Awards for Comedian of…
14 Apr 2015 1 min

#StartTheAdventure with STA Travel - Diski Divas

On Sunday the 12th of April at 18:00, Mzansi Magic put the spotlight on five soccer "wives", with the brand new reality show - Diski Divas. This show gives us a glimpse of how soccer royalty babes live the life that ordinary folks only dream of. In studio, we are…
13 Apr 2015 1 min

#StartTheAdventure with STA Travel - Pappa Snoopy

Tshepo Ramasia, who we know better as Hip-Hop DJ Pappa Snoopy gives us his travel bucket list. He has traveled to various world class destinations, but he is not done traveling just yet.
10 Apr 2015 1 min

#StartTheAdventure with STA Travel - Anathii

Born in the small town of Bisho in the Eastern Cape, it was clear early on that Anathii's songwriting skills were those of a 21st century prodigy whose musical creations were borderless in appeal. At the age of 18 he took his destiny as a musician of international repute into…
9 Apr 2015 1 min

#StartTheAdventure with STA Travel - Sammy Sosa

Sammy Sosa is a well known radio DJ who has just made the big leap to national radio. She, along with Moflava are the hosts of a brand new national morning show that is taking audiences by storm. We hear her full story, from her days on campus radio, to…
8 Apr 2015 1 min

#StartTheAdventure with STA Travel - Sam Mangesi

We are joined on the line by Samora Mangesi who is in Cape Town. He is a kids tv presenter on the popular show Hectic Nine 9 and he tells us what it’s like being on screen every afternoon and what happens after you grow out of presenting. He has…
7 Apr 2015 1 min

#StartTheAdventure with STA Travel - Marian Lartey

Well know radio DJ Marian Lartey has had an extensive career, boasting more than nine years in the radio business. From her humble beginnings in East London, Marian has made her way up the radio ladder and has transformed herself from campus radio, to regional radio and finally she has…
6 Apr 2015 1 min

#StartTheAdventure with STA Travel - Kyla Nicole

It's the year of the female in music and Kyla Nicole is here to claim her spot. A well-known boxing manager, singer-songwriter, Kyla has been singing Motown hits since the age of three. She has vivid memories of singing with her dad and two older brothers. Kyla has recently released…
3 Apr 2015 1 min
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