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With its anti-establishment attitude and a “stuff you” approach to political spin-doctoring and press release-driven news cycles, the Daily Maverick show stands out as a fresh, irreverent take on the current affairs talk show.

The Daily Maverick show puts the journalists behind the stories in front of the microphone. Airing on Tuesdays at 1pm, Daily Maverick journalists will share insights on the big issues moving South Africa and major news items from around the world. Expect regular appearances from Ranjeni Munusamy, Richard Poplak, J Brooks Spector, Simon Allison and others.
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Zimbabwe: New Dawn or just a New Face?

Robert Mugabe has been replaced after 37 years in power. Professor David Moore and Dewa Mavhinga from Human Rights Watch discuss what it means for the country.
28 Nov 2017 52 min

Countdown to ANC Election

Scholar and anti-apartheid activist Raymond Suttner and Daily Maverick journalist Richard Poplak talk about the ANC, a month before the party's elective conference.
14 Nov 2017 48 min

Around the News

The Daily Maverick team look at some of the biggest issues in news this week, including the ANC election race, China's President Xi Jinpeng's consolidation power, elections in Japan, and Life Esidimeni.
24 Oct 2017 49 min

Ahmed Timol ruling crucial for SA's future

Anti-apartheid activist Ahmed Timol's 1971 death was ruled a suicide until the courts last week said he had been tortured and murdered by police. Timol's nephew Imtiaz Cajee unpacks the judgment and what it means for the country.
17 Oct 2017 43 min

Kenya Goes to Elections, Again

Kenya's Supreme Court ruled that the recent presidential elections were flawed. Writer and political activist Nanjala Nyabola unpacks what the judgment means for the country and the road to the rerun of the elections.
3 Oct 2017 20 min

Las Vegas: Looking at US Gun Laws

After the recent massacre in Las Vegas, J Brooks Spector discusses the history, lobby groups, politics and ideologies that has seen the United State's flooded with deadly weapons.
3 Oct 2017 26 min

Agh, Please, KPMG & SARS!

Pauli Van Wyk from Daily Maverick's investigative unit, Scorpio, explains KPMG's recent apology to the country and the response from SARS.
19 Sep 2017 35 min

Around Africa's Elections

The team looks at three elections - Rwanda, Kenya and Angola - to see how the democratic process is playing out in the three countries. Kingsley says farewell after hosting his last show. Greg will continue bringing you the insights every week.
29 Aug 2017 40 min

Interview with Prof. Pumla Dineo Gqola

Kingsley sits down with Professor Gqola to discuss her new book, Reflecting Rogue: Inside the Mind of a Feminist. She shares her journey through academia, feminism, blackness and South Africa.
15 Aug 2017 58 min

The Interview: Mark Heywood

Activist Mark Heywood recently released his new book 'Get Up! Stand Up!' He comes into the studio to talk about his life in activism and civil society in South Africa.
1 Aug 2017 54 min

The ANC on Life Support

Ranjeni Munusamy joins the team to talk about the ANC's challenges ahead of its December conference, and beyond.
25 Jul 2017 37 min

Woke Parenting

How do you raise children in a racist, sexist, unequal and violent world? The team speaks to three parents on how they negotiate the challenges.
18 Jul 2017 49 min

ANC Policy Conference

Daily Maverick's Richard Poplak joins the team to talk about what we learned, or failed to learn, from the ruling party's policy conference.
11 Jul 2017 36 min

#GuptaLeaks & Rwanda's Rebels

The Daily Maverick team is joined by Pauli Van Wyk and Kristen Van Schie. They talk #GuptaLeaks and touch on continental stories from Rwanda, Tanzania and the Chagos islands.
27 Jun 2017 52 min

Taxis in focus

The taxi industry is often seen as violent, unsafe and unregulated. In the wake of a massive strike, we delve into the system, its past, present and future.
20 Jun 2017 50 min

#GuptaLeaks & Setswana Feminism

The team is joined by amaBhungane investigative journalist Craig McKune to talk #GuptaLeaks. Lorato Palesa Modongo then tells us about a new Setswana feminist dictionary.
6 Jun 2017 39 min

Gupta Emails & Mashaba's Report Card

The team looks at the impact of the Gupta emails and analyses Joburg Mayor Herman Mashaba's first nine months, before tackling SADC politics.
30 May 2017 49 min

Solving Gender Based Violence

Patrick Wisani was recently sentenced for beating his girlfriend to death. We use this case as an example of how the systems in place to prevent and respond to gender-based violence fall short. We then speak to experts about the limitations of criminal justice, what prevention interventions are working, and…
23 May 2017 52 min

Secret Ballot, Food Security & Pirates

The team digs into the deliberation on whether parliament can vote via secret ballot. Then they turn to the South African food crisis, before asking why pirates kidnapping for ransom is on the rise.
16 May 2017 49 min
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