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High-energy, informative and hard-hitting, Breakfast Beat packs a mean punch. This show is a current affairs and actuality show, which focuses mainly on issues that are of concern to the community that Voice of the Cape serves. The show feature interviews with prominent politicians, community activists, religious leaders, academic experts and ordinary people. Presenters Sabera, Goolam and producer Loushe make up this dynamic team – all very different personalities that make for interesting conversation, heated debates and plenty of laughs and tears. This show is listener driven and the team loves engaging with callers – no topic is off-bounds! We serve you breakfast every morning Monday to Friday from 6.30am to 9am.
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VOC Breakfast one on one with DA Mayor Elect

The IEC revealed the official results of the local government elections last night. According to the IEC, the ANC achieved a majority of the votes and will now govern 161 municipalities across the country.The DA achieved a majority in 13 municipalities. Today we are joined by DA mayor Elect Geordin…
5 Nov 2021 45 min

Analysis of the Jeremy Vearey case

Western Cape detectives head Jeremy Vearey has been fired over social media posts criticising national police commissioner General Khehla Sitole. Vearey was found guilty of misconduct following disciplinary action linked to several Facebook posts he made between December 2020 and February 2021. It was recommended that he be dismissed and…
2 Jun 2021 10 min

Follow up with SAMTOA regarding umrah refunds

SAMTOA says mutamireen who are struggling with the refunding for the pilgrimage, should contact the various stakeholders. Chairperson Sedick Steenkamp, explains that international industries have been hit hard with the pandemic. This includes the travel industry and its airlines, hotels and consortiums.
1 Jun 2021 6 min

City to write off billions of debts

The City of Cape Town has announced that just over R4 billion in debt will be written off. The municipality says this is to help residents, organisations, and businesses. The write offs which will be done in phases applies to qualifying debtors. It comes a day after the city announced…
1 Jun 2021 8 min

What are the pros and cons of deregulating the fuel price?

On Wednesday consumers were hit with yet another surge in the fuel price as petrol reached an all-time high of close to R17 per litre. This comes amidst other additional increases such as electricity, water, and food prices. Some energy analysis opened up the discussion around the frequent petrol increases…
8 Apr 2021 16 min

Update: Establishment of SA Muslim Media Association

With the rise in social media platforms and multimedia, Muslims are cementing their position in the media space in South Africa. But the media industry, specifically Islamic media, is not without its challenges. For this reason, the South African Muslim network is spearheading an Association of Muslims in Southern Africa…
29 Mar 2021 15 min

City defends Mayor Dan Plato's use of ''shut up'' on ocean view resident

The mayor of the Western Cape Dan Plato has made headlines following an altercation with a resident in Ocean View over the weekend in which he allegedly told the man to shut up. The altercation occurred during a walkabout in the area to observe the work of the local neighbourhood…
24 Mar 2021 15 min

Fed up Hanover Park residents take to the streets

The community of Hanover Park took to the streets in protest against ongoing gang violence in the area. VOC Journalist, Aneeqa Du Plessis met up with demonstrators to gage them on their grievances. Take a listen
24 Mar 2021 7 min

Western Cape Muslim undertakers preparing for Covid-19 third wave

With the prediction of a third wave approaching in the coming weeks, we thought it best to check in with the Muslim Undertakers Association on their readiness and how they are preparing to deal with the possible increase in Covid 19 deaths. Online we have head of the Western Cape…
23 Mar 2021 19 min

SAHUC: Still no word from Saudi authorities on Hajj 1442

The Saudi Ministry of Health has announced that all external pilgrims wishing to perform Hajj in 2021 to obtain two doses of WHO-approved vaccine for COVID-19. But, what does that mean for our aspiring Hujaaj? Online to furnish us with further details is none other than President of SAHUC, Shaheen…
23 Mar 2021 8 min

How does the School Governing Body (SGB) election process work?

As the 2021 academic year gets underway, parents are urged to play their part in support of their children’s education. By participating in the SGB elections, which is currently underway, every parent has the chance to be part of government’s drive to improve learning outcomes and reach the goal of…
18 Mar 2021 14 min
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